Episode 100 – Thank you!

It’s a huge achievement in and of itself to hit 100 episodes of ANYTHING, let alone 100 consecutive weekly podcast episodes. And more than that? It’s an absolutely humbling honour to reach that with an audience that seems to appreciate what we do. So thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.

This episode is slightly different from usual – it’s long, for one, but we really just had a bunch of fun and invited some of our mods to join us. But it was for you just as much as it was for us, so we covered most of the expected stuff!

Oh, and we uploaded the stream to YouTube as well, so if you’d rather watch, scroll down.


  • News: Nightwave crime scene added, TennoCon pushed back, Deadlock Protocol now on PC
  • Discussion: Thank you fun and shenanigans
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of other awesomeness

Episode Notes:

The second crime scene has hit Nightwave – go check it out! 

Don’t forget – Rebb Ford and Megan will be participating in GCX on June 16th! 

TennoCon has been pushed back to Aug 1st – this might end up being a good thing…

The Deadlock Protocol is now available on PC! Consoles is still coming…

Protea’s files have been added to the TennoGen workshop already! Get to it, designers!

The Video version!

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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