Episode 99 – Our thoughts on the Infested

Woah… Almost 100 episodes of Cephalon Squared! Whether you’ve been with us for the whole time, or you just started – thank you. We are just as surprised as you are that a couple of Aussies managed to make a Warframe podcast that has managed to last as long as it has. Humbled.

Anyway… this week has kind of sucked… for the whole world, really. It was super quiet, super contentious, and just… overall, super tense.

Digital Extremes was quiet the whole week, which led to … well, no news, really. But we still managed to fill up the episode with some laughs (and some serious stuff) as well as all the other parts you’d expect. Check it out.


  • News: DE made a donation to Black Lives Matter
  • Discussion: Do we think the Infested could be improved?
  • Beginner’s Topic: Ayatan Treasures
  • Advanced Topic: Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired

Episode Notes:

DE donated $25,000 to BLM and is promising to look at what can be done to better protect players in game 

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