Episode 103 – Deadlock Protocol Thoughts and What do we expect from TennoCon?

Another quiet week means another week closer to TennoCon. But I guess it wasn’t that quiet, given Deadlock Protocol finally hit consoles this week! Yay! As a result, we give you a double discussion this week, looking at Deadlock Protocol and detailing our expectations for TennoCon 2020.

Looking for the Weathercast, or our Beginner and Advanced topics? We still got ya, fam. Enjoy!


  • News: updates to Warframe App, Deadlock Protocol hits consoles, Titania Prime Access ending soon, certain packs discounted for PC
  • Discussion: Deadlock Protocol review and What do we expect from TennoCon 2020
  • Beginner Topic: Warframe App overview and recommendations
  • Advanced Topic: Fosfor

Episode Notes:

With Stasis gone, you can now monitor your companions via the Warframe App? Didn’t know there was an app? Now you do! 

Deadlock Protocol went live on consoles this week, whoop whoop!

Titani Prime Access is ending July 14, and at the same time, Chroma Prime will be entering the vault… who’s next? 

PC has access to a discount on the Starter Pack and Empyrean Supporter Pack. If interested, check it out via the store page on the official Warframe website! 

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