Episode 104 – Community Guest NotCultGuy

More downtime before TennoConmeans nothing super new to discuss – apart from the release of the Steel Path. But this time, we decided to grab the NotCultGuy, a member of our Discord moderation team, for a bit of a chat about why he is now a bit of a lapsed Warframe player – and what it might take to get him to come back.

Among other things, of course. It wouldn’t be an episode of Cephalon Squared if we didn’t end up talking about something off-topic!


  • News: Inaros Prime incoming, Steel Path on PC, Glassmake p3 on all platforms, Esteem pack V now on Switch, TennoCon Relay now open, Tencent in taqlks to buy DE parent company
  • Discussion: Community Guest – NotCultGuy
  • Beginner Topic: Who is Baro Ki’Teer
  • Advanced Topic: Baro’s best items

Episode Notes:

Inaros Prime Access (plus Karyst and Panthera Prime) confirmed for July 14

The Steel Path has been released on PC. 

Glassmaker Episode 3 has hit all platforms! 

Estem Pack V is now available for purchase on Nintendo Switch – this includes a Loki and Aklato Opal skin, 170 platinum, plus a 3-day Affinity and Credit Booster 

The Steel Path update also brought Khora’s new Deluxe skin to PC… 

Baro’s Tennocon Relay is open now until July 18 at 11am ET 

Tencent apparently in talks with DE parent company regarding acquisition 

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