Episode 105 – Improving Warframe Cosmetics

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There are now only 2 weeks left until TennoCon, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in Warframeland – or in Cephalon Squared Tower! Plenty of news to discuss this week, plus a round-up of our Beginner and Advanced Topics, and a good chat about our thoughts on how to improve Warframe cosmetics… 

Let us know your thoughts!


  • News: Creator Program available, TennoCon video, Inaros Prime, Dog Days is back, new Warframe Twitch extension, Baro’s relay closed again for now
  • Discussion: Improving Warframe Cosmetics
  • Beginner & Advanced Topic: Topic Round-up E78-E104

Episode Notes:

Warframe’s Creator Program is out – this is a revamp of the old Partner Program, and you bet we reapplied. 

Be part of a TennoCon video! Send DE a short clip about what you’re excited or, and they might include it on their Sizzle Reel! Entries in by July 22

Inaros Prime Access is OUT, baby! 

Dog Days is back? You bet your ass it is. 

Surprise release! The Warframe Arsenal Twitch extension 

Baro’s TennoCon Relay is closed once again, but he’ll be back for ACTUAL TennoCon on August 1st! 

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