Episode 106 – Heart of Deimos Predictions

Wow – there’s only one week until TennoCon! We’re starting to get excited, and the news is slowly starting to drip feed, starting with a teaser for Warframe’s next update, titled Heart of Deimos!

But what is Heart of Deimos? We don’t quite know, and there are a bunch of theories among the community. In this episode, we take a look at all of them and discuss what we think is most logical, and what we hope for the most…

Join us in the excitement and stick around for our overview of TennoCon 2020 in next week’s episode!


  • News: TennoCon merch available, TennoCon timetable released, Steel Path in cert for consoles, TennoCon teasers
  • Discussion: Heart of Deimos predictions
  • Beginner Topic: Sorties primer
  • Advanced Topic: Panthera weapon handling

Episode Notes:

Got your TennoCon merch? GET YOUR TENNOCON MERCH! 

The schedule for TennoCon is now available! 

The Steel Path is in cert for all consoles – expect it early-ish this week! Switch users, make sure you’ve got at least 4GB free! 

There’s a TennoCon sneak peek for some artwork by Liger Inazuka… Wonder what it is!? Check out the Art Panel to find out! 

DE released a sneaky teaser for the next Warframe update, which will be titled “Heart of Deimos” 

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