Episode 107 – TennoCon 2020

Another year, another TennoCon! This year was a little different, with the team stuck in lockdown at home, it’s not so easy to develop a large-scale video game like Warframe. Nor is it easy to put on a fan conference. But I’d have to say, with TennoCon 2020, Digital Extremes has smashed it out of the park. 

Listen to hear our thoughts on all of the awesome things discussed in the Art Panel and TennoLive – there’s a lot to be excited about, and it’s coming very soon.


  • News: Steel Path out on consoles, Twitch Prime promo, free Syandana for console players, new stuff in the Warframe store
  • Discussion: TennoCon 2020
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of lengthy discussion

For more coverage, check out the following:

Episode Notes:

Steel Path is now live on all consoles! 

Free syandana for console players if you add your email address to your account in game


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