Episode 108 – What does Heart of Deimos mean for the future of Warframe?

Heart of Deimos represents a new direction for Warframe in a number of ways – from new contraptions that the player can build and utilise, to a whole new system of customisation. We decided to take a look at this through the lens of the future – what do these new additions suggest in the way of change? And what else do we hope comes out of this?

Plus all the usual shenanigans. Join us for more fun as we wait on the next update!


  • News: Arsenal Twitch Extension open to all streamers, TennoGen is expanding, For Fans By Fans merch now available!
  • Discussion: What does Heart of Deimos suggest for the future of Warframe?
  • Beginner Topic: Easy frames to farm to feed to Helminth
  • Advanced Topic: Void Damage overview


Got what it takes? Grab a partner and take on all of the Voids corruption:

  • Longest DUO MOT Survival Wins. 
  • You MUST complete the mission
  • Take a screenshot of both players mission summary screen.
  • Email both screenshots to zakthedutch@gmail.com
  • Challenge ends 20 August 2020

Episode Notes:

Tactical Potato has made a few great videos this week, but one in particular caught our eye – check out his video on “Buffed Extracted Abilities”… 

You have until August 31st to enter the draw for an AWESOME custom PC!

The Warframe Arsenal Twitch Extension is now available for all streamers! 

TennoGen is expanding – artists can now create for shoulder armour, blades and whips, landing crafts, and claws/sparring weapons! 

Twitch Drops are hard. After giving away more than 740,000 drops, DE also decided to give Hydroid Prime, Athodai, the Neramech statue, and the staff skin to anyone that logged into Warframe on the day of TennoCon! 

The 6th For Fans By Fans Merch collection is live! Go get cool designs from cool designers! 

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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