Episode 109 – Helminth System Overview

With just over a week and a half left until the release of Heart of Deimos, every Warframe fan worth their salt is thinking hard about what the new Helminth System will mean for the state of Warframe moving int the future. As luck woul;d have it, DE dropped their Developer’s Workshop post in regards to this topic, so the Cephalons spend an entire episode going over every single Ability that has been confirmed.

Buckle up – it’s long and it’s bumpy, but it’s good! Promise!


  • News: PC mainline released, Glassmaker Episode 4 out on all platforms, Warframe Community fanzine
  • Discussion: The Helminth System
  • Beginner/Advanced: skipped in lieu of long discussion

Episode Notes:

The Helminth Workshop is OUT!

A new mainline release on PC prior to the release of Heart of Deimos has seen the Helminth Room change aboard your Orbiter… among some other things… 

Episode 4 of Glassmaker is live on all platforms! 

There’s a new Warframe Community fanzine! Very cool – check it out! 

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