Episode 110: TennoGen Runway – Round 19

We’re getting very excited now! Only a few more days to wait until Heart of Deimos hits ALL platforms. It’s a great time to be playing Warframe – and as of the 25th, it’s also a great time to start playing, as there will be a whole new introduction and tutorial!

Anyway, TennoGen Round 19 was announced this week, so we decided to try something new – which we are calling TennoGen Runway. We’ll go through every item on the list and provide our thoughts on what’s coming – if you want to follow along while you listen, here’s a link to the announcement on the forums:


Apart from that – all the usual shenanigans abound!


  • News: New Supporter and Initiate packs coming soon, TennoGen Round 19, Heart of Deimos now in cert on all platforms
  • Discussion: TennoGen Runway – Round 19
  • Beginner Topic: How to access TennoGen gear
  • Advanced Topic: Arbitrations Primer

Episode Notes:

Deimos Supporter Packs coming soon – three packs of varying sizes including weapon skins, a syandana, the infested domestik drone, and ephemera (depending on which pack you purchase). These will arrive on Aug 25, and will replace the Empyrean Supporter Pack. 

There’s also a new Initiate pack coming with Heart of Deimos – this will include 420P, Nidus, Boltor, the Essential base damage mod bundle, Split Chamber, and 2000 endo! This sees the removal of the Origin Pack and Starter Bundles. At the same time, PS4 Renown Pack XVIII and Xbox Prestige Collection II will be removed from respective stores. 

TennoGen Round 19 has been announced! 

Heart of Deimos is NOW IN CERT for all consoles! It is now on the console manufacturers to approve for Aug 25th…

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