Episode 111 – Home Devstream #5 & Heart of Deimos

From quiet weeks to DOUBLE DISCUSSIONS! Yes, this week, not only are we covering the new Heart of Deimos release, but there was also a Home Devstream! While it was a shorted Devstream, there was still plenty of good info to cover, so we talked about both… And we certainly do have a lot to say – Heart of Deimos is a great update.


  • News: Heart of Deimos is out, TennoGen Prex cards from watching Twitch
  • Discussion 1: Home Devstream #5
  • Discussion 2: Heart of Deimos impressions
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of double discussion

Episode Notes:

Heart of Deimos is out on all platforms! 

Switch was a little delayed…

Now that Heart of Deimos is out and all the creators are streaming, there are a bunch of TennoGen Prex cards to collect! Watch any streamer in the Warframe channel for 20 consecutive minutes for your random drop! 

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