Episode 112 – Updated Heart of Deimos Thoughts

A quiet week in terms of news, as the team at DE looks towards hotfixes – plus, there was a long weekend in Canada. This gives us a good opportunity to review our opinions on Heart of Deimos, now that we’ve had a good go at it.

Unsurprisingly, we’re still having fun, but there are a few things that are beginning to annoy us here and there…

Oh, and we start giving tips on Heart of Deimos content!


  • News: Heart of Deimos Interim update for consoles
  • Discussion: Updated thoughts on Heart of Deimos
  • Beginner Topic: Entrati Standing
  • Advanced Topic: Vulpaphyla

Episode Notes:

An Interim Update hit all consoles this week to apply a bunch of Hotfixes 

Steve Sinclair did share an update on… further updates coming to the game – all about lightmaps, whatever the hell they are! Apparently these will be a hefty update, but will result in reduced overall game size and loading times. Yay progress! 

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