Episode 113 – Warframe & Feature Creep

Warframe is not for the faint of heart – there is so much content within that many players would pale in the face of its complexity. But, as most fans would know, come to understand that complexity and there is a wealth of fun to explore at your own leisure.

However, this can be a double-edged sword – without a level of simplicity and approachability for new players, some may find Warframe far too confusing and overwhelming in what it has to offer. With Railjack and a third open-world recently added to an already hugely complex game, is Warframe verging on alienating new players by way of feature creep?

In this episode, we take a light-hearted look at this topic, among all of our regular shenanigans, including beginner and advanced topics!


  • News: Platinum sale on consoles, Interim update available on Switch, Xaku changes incoming
  • Discussion: Is Feature Creep an Issue in Warframe?
  • Beginner Topic: How to get companions
  • Advanced Topic: Predasites

Episode Notes:

Platinum sale on all console platforms! Up to 40% off until, well… tomorrow. 

The Heart of Deimos interim update hit Switch this week, so all consoles are once again on par

The first Xaku changes come next week to PC, these include: AOE Damage Reduction, Removing Enemy Void Resistances, Faster Animations and Recasting

Warframe will be … smaller soon! PC will be losing 15GB off its waistline in an upcoming update… nice 

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