Episode 114 – Home Devstream#6

There was a secret Devstream this week! Well, OK, it wasn’t secret, we just didn’t know about it until it happened. It was, as usual, full of good info on both the state of the game, and upcoming changes. Plus, there was a lot of useful info in regards to how people are using the Helminth! We went deep into the data, so check it out if you want to know more about that system.

That does, of course, mean that we don’t have beginner and advanced topics this week, but we do have all the usual fun, games, and banter. Check it out.


  • News: Oscira Bundle on PC, 6-year celebrations on Xbox, a free bundle from Steel Series, and a Captura contest!
  • Discussion: Home Devstream #6
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of lengthy discussion

Episode Notes:

New bundle on PC – the Oscira Bundle! This includes a new armor set, sugatra, syandana, staff rifle, throwing blade, pistol, bow and longsword skins! 

Did you know it was the 6-year anniversary of Warframe on Xbox? Well, it is, and there’s all sorts of stuff to be had – simply log in before October 9 to score a Paracesis Jade Skin, the Jade Follox Sugatra, and a 3-day resource booster, plus there are 5 Alerts to score yourself even more stuff! 

Steel Series is giving away a small bundle with the Thorac Syandana, Matisse Colour Palette, and a 3-day affinity booster! This is available for all platforms until Oct 31st. 

Deimos Captura Contest! In brief, take a pic in captura using a Deimos captura scene (hint: you get one just by doing the Heart of Deimos quest)  and submit in the Forum post. 

Sample of the new sound upgrades coming soon! 

Mech 2… in action! 

New Glassmaker weapon! 

Home Devstream #6!

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