Episode 115 – Are Companions Worth Your Time?

We’ve had some interesting chats in our Discord of late, as well as a few questions that made us think. One of them boiled down to whether or not companions are worth your time, effort and resources. The answer is, of course, yes, they are! But why?

The Cephalons take the time to address this, going over all the different types of companions available to you. Plus, of course, there are our regular segments, including Beginner and Advanced topics… So what are you waiting for?


  • News: Avia Prime Syandana from Prime Gaming, Ember and Frost Prime Unvaulting, changes to Bile requirements, more Marked for Death changes
  • Discussion: Are companions worth your time?
  • Beginner Topic: Mining
  • Advanced Topic: Carnis mod set

Episode Notes:

Avia Prime Syandana available via Prime Gaming! 

Ember and Frost Prime unvaulting on Sep 29 – this means Nova and Trinity Prime are headed back into the vault on the same day. Note DE did mention they know the community wants new stuff to be unvaulted, so they are working on that for the next round.

Changes were announced for Helminth Bile resources! Players will now be able to use Antiserum Fragments, Javlok Capacitors and Nav Co-ordinates in the creation of Bile, and the Railjack resource requirements have been decreased! To compensate – those that have both Railjack and the Helminth unlocked will receive a Railjack resource bundle. Now on PC, coming soon to consoles 

After all the hullabaloo around Marked for Death changes, the team has announced some more changes to address some concerns! In brief, they are increasing the Damage (which will start unmodded at 65% and cap at 150% 

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