Nightwave Weeklies: Series 3, Week 21

Welcome back, Dreamers.

The Nightwave weekly bounties change every Sunday at 12 midnight GMT (or Monday morning, if that’s your preference), so keep your eyes out every week after that time for our weekly update – letting you know the activities you’ll need to complete for the week (note this will not include daily challenges, of course).

Thanks, as always, to Wrathoc for compiling the info.

This Week's Bounties

The following challenges are in place until Midnight Sunday 4 October/Monday 5 October:

  • Complete 3 Assassination Missions
  • Pick up 8 Rare Mods
  • Help Clem with his Weekly Mission
  • Kill 500 Enemies with an Archgun
  • Kill a Tusk Thumper on the Plains of Eidolon
  • Complete a Spy Mission with 3 Manual Console Hacks and No Alarms (Elite)
  • Complete an Extermination Mission with only Level 30 or Higher Enemies without Triggering Alarms (Elite)

Some Tips

Complete 3 Assassination Missions: Easy, but will take time. Keep in mind that this is a good opportunity to farm a boss for a specific drop. If you don’t need to farm anything, just choose an easy boss and smash it out. OR! Go for a Phorid Invasion – that also counts as an Assassination. Probably the most flexible challenge.

Pick up 8 Rare Mods: Seems difficult at first glance, because Rare mods … well, they’re rare. They don’t necessarily drop that often. While it’s quite possible that 8 will drop as you do other challenges, this pairs PERFECTLY with an Index challenge, as all Index mods are Rare, and they drop frequently. TL;DR: go to the Index, if you can.

Help Clem with his Weekly Mission: This is really easy – the Clem missions aren’t exactly difficult content. You can double up on some passives, but don’t expect to smash through several Acts in one fell swoop.

Kill 500 Enemies with an Archgun: Kill 500 enemies with an Archgun… and it’s only a standard weekly? So… first you have to HAVE an Archgun, then you need to kill 500 enemies – either in Archwing or as a heavy weapon on the ground. Not HARD, but… kind of annoying?

Kill a Tusk Thumper on the Plains of Eidolon: Some may find this difficult, as the Thumpers themselves are highly armoured, and not only do they have advanced weaponry, but they are also more agile than they look. However, they aren’t too hard, and contain a bunch of useful resources, so this is a good Act to pop up. Head into the Plains, find one of these guys, shoot the Armour off their knees, then take out the glowing green light that is uncovered. Bring a good weapon.

Complete a Spy Mission with 3 Manual Console Hacks and No Alarms: Best done solo, and really can only help with a “Complete 3 Spy Missions” weekly challenge – so no point trying to double up otherwise. If Corpus, use a frame that can bypass lasers, such as Limbo or Ivara (with her Prowl Augment). Otherwise (and epretty much either way), it’s best to do a lower level Spy, or missions you know like the back of your hand. If you can do harder Spys? Then you probably aren’t reading this tip.

Complete an Extermination Mission with only Level 30 or Higher Enemies without Triggering Alarms: If you have a good stealth frame (Ivara, Loki, Ash, or even Banshee, Limbo, or Baruuk), then this probably won’t be too taxing for you, but note that the number of kills required will be significant. That said, there are no alarms in the Void, so you can just go ham in a Void Exterminate and the box will be ticked.

What's in the Store this week?


  • Dead Eye (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Shotgun Scavenger (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Sprint Boost (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Steel Charge (Aura) – 20 Creds


  • Ambush Optics (Rubico) – 20 Creds
  • Shrapnel Rounds (Marelok) – 20 Creds
  • Skull Shots (Viper) – 20 Creds


  • Vauban Chassis Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Neuroptics Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Systems Blueprint – 25 Creds


  • Ceramic Dagger Blueprint – 50 Creds
  • Dark Dagger Blueprint – 50 Creds
  • Heat Sword Blueprint – 50 Creds


  • 5x Nitain Extract – 15 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Catalyst – 75 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Reactor – 75 Creds
  • 10,000x Kuva – 50 Creds


  • Atlas Shikoro Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Banshee Reverb Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Chroma Amaru Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Ember Phoenix Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Hydroid Ketos Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Limbo Aristeas Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Mag Gauss Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Mesa Longhorn Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Mirage Trivelin Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nova Quantum Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nova Slipstream Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nyx Vespa Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Oberon Oryx Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Rhino Thrak Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Titania Aurai Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Trinity Aura Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Valkyr Kara Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Vauban Gambit Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Volt Storm Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Zephyr Cierzo Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds


  • Atterax Desert-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Dual Zoren Dagger-Axe Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Exergis Shock-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Scindo Manticore Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
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