Episode 116 – A Look at Older Abilities

Given there was another down week between Devstreams, the Cephalons decided to have a discussion around a recent change to Mag’s Magnetise Ability. As this was slightly tweaked in order to make it even better, the discussion was expanded to look at a bunch of other older Warframes and some of their… less popular Abilities.

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  • News: Zoom backgrounds, PC and console updates, Prime Vault, Tennotober, TennoGen Round 19 (part 1) hits PC
  • Discussion: A look at older Abilities
  • Beginner Topic: Increasing Mod Capacity
  • Advanced Topic: Saxum Set Mods

Episode Notes:

DE shared some virtual backgrounds to use in your Zoom meetings. Love it.

PC Hotfix came this week, which brought the second round of Xaku changes. Round 1 is soon to hit consoles, and Round 2 will be in the update that follows 

The Prime Vault is open again! Say hello to Ember, Frost, Latron, Reaper, Sicarus and Glaive Primes, plus more in their respective bundles! 

What was previously known as Inktober is back as Tennotober! Artists, get your drawing on – there’s a prompt for every day in October! Details in show notes.

Part 1 of TennoGen Round 19 is out on PC – and there are some great options here

There is an update in cert for all consoles – this will bring the Oscira bundle as well as some other cosmetics, the first round of Xaku changes, and the Marked for Death and Bile changes that recently hit PC. This is good. Oh… this also means the Alliance emblem will hit PS4, at long last. 

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