Episode 118 – Deimos Arcana and the rest of 2020

With just over 10 weeks left in 2020, the Cephalons decided to have a chat about the three things we know are coming to Warframe players within 2020 – Nights of Naberus, the completion of the current Nightwave series, and Deimos Arcana.

Do we think it’s enough to keep the average fan happy? You’ll have to listen to find out!


  • News: Quest to conquer cancer continues, remaster hits consoles, Inaros Prime Access ending soon, Nights of Naberus is out, new official merch
  • Discussion: What’s left for 2020?
  • Beginner Topic: Nights of Naberus overview
  • Advanced Topic: Jugulus Set Mods

Episode Notes:

The Quest to Conquer Cancer continues, with more than $55,000 raised! Let’s help hit $75,000 to earn a new in-game glyph for all players! 

If you experienced a massive re-download of Warframe this week, that’s because there was a remaster update released! This brought all the changes we’ve discussed over the last couple of weeks, but as it resized the game overall, required a full download.

Inaros Prime Access ends on October 27th, with Nezha Prime Access starting at the same time. But keep in mind this also means that another Prime enters the vault! This time around Mesa, Akjagara, and Redeemer Primes will be leaving the Void Relic Reward Pool!

Nights of Naberus is out on all platforms – go see Daughter in the Necralisk to see what she has on offer! 

The Official Warframe Store now has a new Villains Collection – including a t-shirt and faction pins! 

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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