Episode 119 – META vs Experimentation

Another quiet week for news, the Cephalons decided to have a little chat about the META! What is it, what are the alternatives, and what are the pros and cons of using them? But more importantly… why don’t we like the META?

On top of this, there’s our beginner and advanced topics and all the usual shenanigans. Enjoy!


  • News: Quest to Conquer Cancer continues, Updates for the rest of the year
  • Discussion: META vs Experimentation
  • Beginner Topic: Should beginner players play the open worlds?
  • Advanced Topic: Tips for build experimentation

Episode Notes:

Now that the team has hit the $75k target for Quest to Conquer Cancer, there are three NEW stretch targets! $80k for a sigil, $90k for Zephyr Deluxe Accessory Concept Art reveal, and $100k for a fashionframe video of the next Warframe, Lavos! Get behind it, Tenno – it’s for a GREAT cause! 

There’s still time to vote for the Warframe Community as the best gaming community in the Golden Joystick awards!

The team shared an update on the rest of the year in the forums. It’s worth checking out. In brief, they are doing the best they can to get content to us. NW episode 5 is still expected within October, then there’ll be Deimos Arcana, plus they are still working towards some quality of life updates and the release of Larvos before the end of the year.

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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