Episode 120 – Thoughts on Glassmaker Nightwave

While it wasn’t a Devstream week, there was a bunch of news to keep us busy, not the least of which being the release of the final episode of Series 3 of Nightwave! As always, this came with a new boss fight – a very interesting boss fight that had a lot of people talking – for better or worse.

As a result, we chose to discuss his Series of Nightwave, and provide our thoughts on that particular boss fight… Along with all the usual fun and games! Join us!


  • News: Nezha Prime and Nightwave Series 3 Episode 5 on all platforms, new bundle for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, new update coming to PC, $100k raised to help research cancer, and costume party winners
  • Discussion: Our thoughts on Nightwave Series 3
  • Beginner Topic: Relics and Prime Parts
  • Advanced Topic: Mod spotlight – Preparation

Episode Notes:

Nezha prime Access – out on all platforms! That means Inaros Prime Access is over, but his bits are still in the relic, so it’s all good. But you know who has gone into the vault? Mesa Prime. 

Nightwave Series 3 is slowly coming to an end, starting with the release of the final episode, and the boss battle that comes with…

Xbox Players who sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can claim a free pack that includes Gauss, the Acceltra, and the Altra Syandana. Winning!

More ensmallening happening on PC next week, if that’s your thing! Plus, Part 2 of TennoGen Round 19 will come alongside it. 

So… because the good Tenno Community helped raise over $90k for the Quest to Conquer Cancer, the team showed off the accessory coming with Zephyr Deluxe… and it’s an operator cosmetic in the same theme… Wowee. 

Aaaand continuing on that – the community managed to raise $100k just before the end of October! So expect to see the Lavos fashionframe early this week. Follow playwarframe on Twitter. 

The Costume Party winners were announced as well

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