Episode 123 – Deimos Arcana is out!

Deimos Arcana hit PC this week, and while we knew it was pretty big, it turns out it was REALLY big. Packed full of really good stuff, including a few surprises! So join the Cephalons as they discuss the ins and outs of this new update, and why you should be happy it’s here!


  • News: Winter Collection in Warframe Store, Deimos Arcana out on PC, new Prime Gaming reward, Switch Anniversary
  • Discussion: Deimos Arcana
  • Beginner Topic: Kitguns
  • Advanced Topic: Acolytes

Episode Notes:

PlayStation players may have noticed a MASSIVE update earlier this week. Well, that’s because there was a texture update that resulted in about 2GB shaved off the overall save size. So… annoying, but a good thing.

There’s a new Winter collection in the Official Warframe Store… if it’s winter where you are. There’s a pair of dacks, a beanie, and a mug.

Deimos Arcana released this week on PC!

There’s a new Prime Gaming giveaway – Vayas Prime operator accessories! So if you are a Prime Gaming subscriber, head on over and grab your loot!

Aaaand just as we expected, it’s now time for the Nintendo Switch Anniversary! Celebrating a youthful 2 years, Switch Tenno can go grab free stuff in game, right now! 

The Gara Deluxe Collection is out on PC (alongside Deimos Arcana)! 

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