Nightwave Weeklies: Series 3, Week 26

Welcome back, Dreamers.

The Nightwave weekly bounties change every Sunday at 12 midnight GMT (or Monday morning, if that’s your preference), so keep your eyes out every week after that time for our weekly update – letting you know the activities you’ll need to complete for the week (note this will not include daily challenges, of course).

Thanks, as always, to Wrathoc for being Wrathoc.

This Week's Bounties

The following challenges are in place until Midnight Sunday 8 November/Monday 9 November:

  • Fully Socket 3 Ayatan Sculptures
  • Complete 6 Different Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis
  • Catch 6 Rare Fish in the Plains of Eidolon
  • While Piloting a Hijacked Crewship, Destroy 3 Enemy Fighters
  • Help Clem with his Weekly Mission
  • Complete a Spy Mission with 3 Manual Console Hacks and No Alarms (Elite)
  • Kill Profit-Taker (Elite)

Some Tips

Fully Socket 3 Ayatan Sculptures: Sadly, this challenge requires players to either HAVE 3 Ayatan sculptures (unsocketed), or to go out and find them. While of course it is possible to find a statue while out and about, it’s unlikely you’ll find enough. Best to go do Maroo’s Daily challenge for this one.

Complete 6 Different Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis: Pretty straightforward, but somewhat time-consuming. If you have Ivara, I’d recommend bringing her, as she can sleep multiple critters with a single sleep arrow. Otherwise, you’ll just have to keep chipping away until you have 10… Doesn’t really combine well with other missions, except perhaps mining, which you can do while you explore, but that will involve juggling tools. But note this has to be on the Orb Vallis AND they all have to be different. Ugh.

Catch 6 Rare Fish in the Plains of Eidolon: I expect these will require players to catch the baited fish, including: Sharrac, Karkina, Murkray, Norg, Cuthol, Glappid. Whichever you have the bait for should suffice, but do note when and where that fish may be available. Keep in mind you can do this with friends that have the bait – you don’t HAVE to have the bait yourself!

While Piloting a Hijacked Crewship, Destroy 3 Enemy Fighters: This challenge is frustrating. Not because it’s all that difficult, but mostly because it’s not necessarily that accessible for newer players. Not only do you need to have either an Archwing that won’t explode once you leave the ship OR the Intrinsic that allows you to torpedo to a Crewship, but you ALSO need to be levelled enough to hijack the ship. Lower MR players should probably stick to Earth Proxima for this one, but that’s the premise – hijack a crewship and shoot down enemy fighters. Easy for higher MR players, though.

Help Clem with his Weekly Mission: This is really easy – the Clem missions aren’t exactly difficult content. You can double up on some passives, but don’t expect to smash through several Acts in one fell swoop.

Complete a Spy Mission with 3 Manual Console Hacks and No Alarms: Best done solo, and really can only help with a “Complete 3 Spy Missions” weekly challenge – so no point trying to double up otherwise. If Corpus, use a frame that can bypass lasers, such as Limbo or Ivara (with her Prowl Augment). Otherwise (and epretty much either way), it’s best to do a lower level Spy, or missions you know like the back of your hand. If you can do harder Spys? Then you probably aren’t reading this tip.

Kill Profit-Taker: Oof. Glad this is an Elite challenge, as it’s not one that many players can actually achieve, particularly lower level players. Still, not only will you be taking down the Profit-Taker Orb, but you’ll also be fighting a bunch of Corpus, so best to combine this one with “Kill XXX number of enemies” challenges (don’t make it too complex, as you will need to concentrate on the Orb fight)

What's in the Store this week?


  • Loot Detector (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Physique (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Speed Holster (Aura) – 20 Creds
  • Steel Charge (Aura) – 20 Creds


  • Purifying Flames (Ember) – 20 Creds


  • Double Tap (Latron) – 20 Creds
  • Directed Convergence (Supra) – 20 Creds


  • Vauban Chassis Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Neuroptics Blueprint – 25 Creds
  • Vauban Systems Blueprint – 25 Creds


  • Dark Dagger Blueprint – 50 Creds
  • Dark Sword Blueprint – 50 Creds
  • Glaive Blueprint – 50 Creds


  • 5x Nitain Extract – 15 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Catalyst – 75 Creds
  • 1x Built Orokin Reactor – 75 Creds
  • 10,000x Kuva – 50 Creds


  • Excalibur Pendragon Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Frost Aurora Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Garuda Bathory Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Limbo Magrite Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Loki Enigma Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Mag Gauss Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Mirage Harlequin Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Mirage Trivelin Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nezha Circa Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nova Flux Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Nova Quantum Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Oberon Markhor Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Rhino Thrak Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Rhino Vanguard Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Saryn Hemlock Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Titania Mab Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Volt Storm Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Wukong Dasheng Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Zephyr Cierzo Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds
  • Zephyr Tengu Helmet Blueprint – 35 Creds


  • Karak Desert-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Plinx Shock-Camo Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Scindo Dagger-Axe Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
  • Scindo Manticore Skin Blueprint – 30 Creds
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