Episode 132 – The State of Warframe

The year is ticking along quickly – we’re almost into February already! This week, a YouTube video caught our eye and inspired us to discuss the current state of Warframe as it stands in January 2021. Yes, it’s a little negative, but we try to keep an open mind as we look at the direction the game has taken in recent months and years.

Oh… and beginner and advanced topics are BACK.


  • News: further ensmallening coming to PC, Orphix Venom out on consoles, new competition
  • Discussion: The State of Warframe 2021
  • Beginner Topic: Soloing Warframe
  • Advanced Topic: Railjack damage types

Episode Notes:

Part 3 of the great ensmallening is coming to PC soon! Brings some new… technical stuff, and saves you 3.6GB of precious HDD space! 

There’s a merchandise sale on now at the official Warframe store – but there are only a couple of days left! Get on over there and check it out, until Jan 25th at 11am ET. 

Operation Orphix Venom is now out on all consoles, so go get yourself that Lavos! And the rest, of course (not to mention a bunch of Arcanes)… 

A new competition is open on the Warframe forums, and this one is a beauty. The prize? A 20” necramech sculpture by Nalfy. Details in the show notes, but you probably guessed it – it’s a captura contest, focusing on Necramechs. 

Tactical Potato video that inspired our discussion

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