Episode 135 – Bringing Tenno Back to the Dojo

Have you ever thought about the Dojo, and how – apart from trading and the labs – there’s little point in visiting? Well, we have, as did a few of our Discord users. And out of that little discussion came a few great ideas to try to bring players back to the Dojo on a more regular basis.

Not what you were thinking? Send us your thoughts!

Oh, and we’ve made the decision to cut Beginner and Advanced topics from today – they were getting hard to think of, plus, we can add more tips into the rest of the content!


  • News: Nezha Prime access ending soon,  Star Days has begun, Lunar celebrations starting soon, Devstream 152 locked in for Feb 26, and a new Twitch drops system is incoming
  • Discussion: bringing Tenno back to the Dojo

Episode Notes:

Nezha Prime Access ending Feb 23 – and Equinox, Stradavar, Tipedo Primes are headed into the vault… 

Star Days has arrived on all platforms – huzzah! 

DE released a little sneak peek of what to expect this .. Spring/Autumn, wherever you are in the world. All stuff we’ve seen before, but… still nice to see. 

Celebrate the New Lunar Year in style! Some… stuff is headed to Warframe from the 16th, including some new bundles, with cutie little good luck Kavat statues…

The next Devstream has been announced – coming on Feb 26TH, woo! 

Also coming on Feb 16th, alongside the Lunar New Year stuff, but completely unrelated? Twitch Drops 2.0! It’s a new system, so check out the details!

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