Episode 136 – Arcane Helmets

Almost 2 months in to 2021 already – can you believe it? Well, next week brings a new Devstream, so get excited!

This week, though, saw an error in the Nightwave rewards, which meant that players could get their hands on an Arcane Helmet, which haven’t been seen in-game for several years now. As a result, we decided it was a good discussion topic – to help new players understand where they fit into the game and discuss whether or not they are still worthwhile!

Join us!


  • News: Relink your Warframe and Twitch accounts, Celebrate the Lunar New Year, Orphix Venom ending soon on consoles
  • Discussion: Arcane Helmets

Episode Notes:

The new Twitch Drops system is here – if you haven’t done it yet, remember to unlink and then RElink your Twitch and Warframe accounts 

The Lunar New Year celebrations are out on all platforms – aprt from the cheap stuff available in the market, there are also some packs available for Platinum – and those little cute Lucky Kavats are super cute. 

And although Star Days has a bunch of stuff to grab via Ticker – don’t forget there’s other stuff available in the market, too, including the Valentines colour picker 

Operation Orphix Venom ends this week on consoles! Feb 22 at 3pm ET – get all your stuff done beforehand! 

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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