Episode 144 – The Arsenal Divide Workshop Overview

Coming in only a couple of days later than DE had suggested, the weapons workshop hit, and brought with it some other workshop announcements – changes are also incoming for the Parazon and Helminth Abilities.

There was a lot to go over, but hopefully we can help clarify all of the changes that are coming. And they are coming soon – all of the changes are expected as part of the forthcoming Sisters of Parvos update!

Join  us – and let us know your thoughts!


  • News: Dog Days, Pride Palette, new Updates page, TennoCon updates
  • Discussion: The Arsenal, Parazon, and Helminth workshops

Episode Notes:

Dog Days is back! 

To celebrate Pride Month, DE has released a new Pride Color Palette – 1 credit in the Market for the month of June! 

Find update info easier! Head to warframe.com/updates

We are well upon the road to TennoCon! This week, DE released the schedule, so go check it out and make sure you have time for all your favourite panels! 

Dev workshop 

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