Episode 145 – Sisters of Parvos

Sisters are doing it for themselves! Standing on their own two feet… wait. Wrong song.

Finally, the Sisters of Parvos update has seen fit to grace our servers, and what an update it is. Not only does it bring the Sisters themselves, and a whole raft of weapons, but there’s a brand new Warframe in there and a major weapon rebalance.

Listen to hear our thoughts, and we’ll see you again next week for our TennoCon follow-up.


  • News: Prime Gaming freebies, new Supporter Packs, new features on Warframe Companion App
  • Discussion: Sisters of Parvos update

Episode Notes:

A new syandana is available from Prime Gaming, so go get it.

The team shared behind the scenes recordings for Sleeping in the Cold below, so go watch it!

Sisters of Parvos is on all platforms – huzzah! (So go play it.)

And with the new update comes new Supporter packs! There are two new packs to consider – the cheaper one provides the new bubble gun, while the more expensive gives you that plus Yareli, plus Ambassador! (and both, of course, also provide cosmetics and platinum)

New features on the Warframe companion app – mostly Syndicate support so you can check stuff, plus you can view featured clans 

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