Episode 146 – TennoCon 2021

For Warframe players, TennoCon is the best time of year — it’s like Christmas. It’s when we all get together to share our love of the game and see what big things are next in store fr us.

And this year was no different, except maybe that the two things that were shown off were maybe the most anticipated pieces of Warframe content ever. So that’s a thing.

So whether you caught the panels or not, grab a snack, sit back, and listen to our overview of TennoCon 2021. And get excited, Tenno – big things are coming.


  • News: Unreal Tournament skins are back,  New Omen PC bundle, new Prime Gaming pack, new Warframe merch
  • Discussion: all the TennoCon 2021 panels

Episode Notes:

The Unreal Tournament Skins are back on PC until the 22nd, so hurry up and grab them from the Epic store! Console players haven’t been forgotten this time around — there are new alters available to secure these skins, available until July 29! 

There’s a new Ember Omen bundle available for free on PC – includes Ember, Mk1-Strun (*gee, thanks*), Tenno Palette, and a 7day affinity booster! 

There’s a new Prime Gaming pack available for TennoCon – includes a Color Palette, an armor set, a pistol skin and more! Get it by linking your Prime Gaming account. 

New Merch is available in the official Warframe store! Go get it! 





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