Weapon 101 – Battacor

The Battacor is a Corpus rifle that was designed using Sentient technology in the underground labs of the Orb Vallis. As such, it has a long, sleek appearance and uses energy projectiles. When using the Battacor, the player will notice three notches on the right of the firing reticle that turn from grey to white Read More

Weapon 101 – Burston / Burston Prime

The Burston is a burst-fire rifle of Tenno design. It fires three-round bursts in rapid succession to wear down a target and provide better precision than a full-auto rifle. The Burston will perform better at longer ranges due to its lower recoil, resulting in less time spent centering the reticle and more time relieving bad Read More

Weapon 101 – Braton / MK1-Braton / Braton Vandal / Braton Prime

The Braton series of weapons is a solid platform for beginning players. They let one know that – in this game about metal space ninjas fighting clones – you can still find something as basic as an automatic rifle and use it to kill said clones. The MK1-Braton presents the option of a more familiar Read More

Warframe 101: Saryn

Saryn is known as the poison frame. Deadly and beautiful, she uses contagious spores and other poisonous Abilities to degrade her enemies Health, and active play will spread this Damage to every enemy nearby. Saryn has minor Damage mitigation in her second Ability, but she boasts a hearty set of base stats breaking a trend Read More

Weapon 101 – Argonak

This Grineer assault rifle is a dual fire weapon that can switch between Semi-auto and full-auto fire mode. It deals primarily Slash Damage, giving it a leg up in most combat situations. When aiming down sights, the weapon highlights enemies in front of the user, making it a clutch weapon in low-light situations for finding Read More

Weapon 101 – Paris / Mk-1 Paris / Paris Prime

The Paris (specifically the Mk1 Paris) is the first bow that new players are introduced to when starting Warframe for the first time and is a deadly single-target option good for precision hits and pinning Grineer to walls and bulkheads. The Paris series of bows focuses primarily on Puncture Damage, which has intrinsic Damage bonuses Read More

Weapon 101 – Pyrana / Pyrana Prime

The Pyrana is a weapon of Tenno design – a full-auto shotgun sidearm made to chew through low tier enemies with high Slash Damage and Critical Chance. When the Pyrana and Pyrana Prime are modded properly, they can put out a massive number of pellets… and when it comes to shotguns, more pellets means more Read More

Warframe 101 – Ivara

Referred to in-game as a “Huntress,” Ivara is a stealth powerhouse with specialized tools for many of the Origin System’s stickiest situations. Ivara’s kit is versatile, making her a widely useful frame from endless Interceptions to Orb Vallis Conservation missions, and even finding a place in the most complex of Spy Vaults and Eidolon Hunts. Read More