The Corpus Raknoids, spider-like mechanisms, are found upon The Orb Vallis of Venus. These mechanical monstrosities are presumed to be powered by a part commonly referred to as a Toroid. Besides the fact that Toroids are found in Raknoids, very little else is known of these spherical contraptions. However, for some reason, the inhabitants of Read More

Sentinel Showcase

” On the border of chartered space, an enclave of small, strange, seemingly intelligent creatures was discovered by Tenno explorers. They are mechanical entities, almost organic in appearance, with a precarious resemblance to the fearsome Sentients that had decimated human civilization. However, these creatures showed no signs of aggression, and they immediately began carrying out Read More

Warframe 101 – Gauss

Gauss, the 41st warframe, recently came sprinting into our lives at breakneck speeds as a part of Update 25.7. This speedster was introduced as the flagship frame for the new Leverian, where players are provided the chance to explore the legends behind the equipment to help players understand where a frame fits into this ever-expanding Read More

Warframe 101 – Baruuk

Inner peace and tranquility are the path to self enlightenment – to harness and accept one’s self in entirety. Baruuk is one such enlightened soul, and with his release in Update 24.2, he brought with him a style of combat dedicated to spilling the least amount of blood as possible. But even the calmest of Read More

Warframe 101 – Limbo

Crossing the threshold into purgatory , we welcome the magician, Limbo. This mad hat-wearing frame is especially powerful if used correctly; however, be aware that not every ally will take kindly to the realm-shifting powers that Limbo harnesses. Update 20.0 saw the dimensional wizard read from a new book of magic granting a much more Read More

Warframe 101 – Nyx

Nyx, built on psychic energies, wreaks havoc and chaos across the battlefield by turning her foes against one another in a grand spectacle of pointless bloodshed. In Update 22.4, we saw a rework for Nyx in an attempt to re-inspire interest in using her psychic crowd-controlling prowess. In this Warframe 101, we will look at Read More