Weapon 101 – Corinth

Corinth, the dual-purpose Tenno shotgun, has brought quite the punch to the battlefield since it’s addition in the December 2017 Ghoul Purge Update. Coming in with some of the highest base Damage in the game for Primaries, it is a versatile weapon, cycling between its pellet rounds or Alt-Fire grenades. Its base Stats also give Read More

Weapon 101 – Anstrum / Prisma Angstrum

The Angstrum and Prisma Angstrum – a pair of handheld rocket launchers. Coming in with the highest base Damage for all Secondaries, these variants deliver a massive punch, especially to Grineer Machinery, Corpus Robotics, and Fossilized Infested. Just be sure to keep yourself and allies out of the blast, that is, unless you have a Read More

Weapon 101 – Lacera

Coursing with Electricity, the Blade and Whip Lacera will unleash a whirlwind of energy upon the battlefield. Added in December of 2015 with The Second Dream ( Update 18), Lacera has served us Tenno for a few years. You’re able to obtain it fairly early on as long as you have joined or are building Read More

Weapon 101 – Heat Sword / Dual Heat Swords / Heat Dagger

The Heat Sword, Heat Dagger, and Dual Heat Swords are early game blades imbued with Heat Damage, making them effective against Flesh. These three Melee Weapons are fairly similar, so you have the option to tune to your playstyle or try out some new ones. How to Acquire The different members of the trio here Read More

Weapon 101 – Lesion

Forged from Tenno and Infested tech, Lesion is a nightmarish polearm that delivers on the promise its form implies. It stands out as one of the strongest polearms in the game and also one of the most popular. Highly effective against your foes’ Health pool, Lesion will Slash through with ease and buff itself as Read More

Weapon 101 – Ignis / Ignis Wraith

The Ignis and Ignis Wraith are a pair of flamethrowers that can unleash a stream of devastation on your enemies. Based on the element of Heat, these weapons specialize against Infested units, but can easily be modded to increase their versatility. Obtainable fairly early on in the game, the Ignis will make a nice addition Read More

Warframe 101 – Mag

Mag, the magnificent manipulator, displays her moxie with a mastery of magnetism, moving matter with ease. Materialising from the Void as one of the original 8 warframes, Mag has been at our side since mission 1, 2013 and Update 10.0 brought Mag Prime as the first female Prime to the game. When mastering Mag yourself, Read More