Weapon 101 – Dual Kamas / Dual Kamas Prime

dual kamas tips

When one blade isn’t enough, the Dual Kamas and their Prime arm you with a pair of sickles to Slash through your foes. Dual Kamas are pretty easy to get your hands on, though the Prime Variant will require a bit more luck from other players.

How to Acquire

The Blueprint for Dual Kamas can be picked from the Market for 40,000 Credits right from the get go at MR1. Material-wise, you can go farming as early as Jupiter for the pair of Kamas you’ll need for components, pending what you can pick up from Bounties. There is the pre-built route for 175 Platinum, but since you will likely be using this as a component for the Dual Raza, I would recommend to save your Plat.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Kama
    Kama 2
  • Orokin Cell
    Orokin Cell 1

Dual Kamas Prime was vaulted in August 2017 with Trinity Prime, so unless you happen to have some old Relics, you’ll be relying on other players for drops or trade. You’ll need to hit MR6 to craft, so you can still use them relatively early if RNG favors you.

Stats by Variant

dual kamas stats
dual kamas prime stats

Compared to the base Kama, the Dual Kamas are not a massive upgrade. The most notable gain is a jump in the Dual Kamas slide attack Damage at 252, but your base Damage is low at 42. Your weapon type will also change from the Kama’s Machete type to Dual Swords, so you’ll be looking to use a different Stance Mod. You do get a small Status Chance boost as well, but at 7.5% it’s not a great foundation to work with. With a base Crit Chance at 5%, going for raw DPS is your likely path.

Dual Kamas Prime come in with a base Damage of 70, tying it with the Twin Krohkur for highest base Damage for Dual Swords. Compared to the non-Prime, it is pretty much upgrades across the board. In addition to the higher base Damage, you’ll have a higher base Status Chance at 20% and Crit Change at 15%. Thee is a higher Crit Multiplier at 2.0x vs. the base’s 1.5x as well.

Crit or Status?

When you get Dual Kamas Prime you can mostly build to taste. You won’t be able to get to 100% Status Chance or Crit Chance without a really nice Riven, so a balanced build or DPS may be the path. I do mention Dual Kamas Prime because I would not recommend investing a Catalyst and Forma(s) into base Dual Kama. You don’t lose anything going to the Prime and the base is also consumed when you build Dual Raza.

Dual Kamas and Dual Kamas Prime are worth pursuing early on. These aren’t likely to carry you through end game, so unless you choose to invest a lot of Forma, getting them early frees you up to move onto stronger gear later on, instead of having to come back just for MR.

Weapon 101 – Azima

azima tips

Able to create some decent crowd control, Azima has a pretty unique trick up its barrel. It’s not something you can farm, so there is no speeding up the timegate, but if you like Warframe and keep playing, it will eventually be yours.

How to Acquire

Azima is acquired through the Daily Tribute system. It will be one of the Login Milestone weapons that you can select from starting on Day 100, then again every 200 Days. As with all of these weapons on offer, the Azima come swith a weapon slot and Orokin Catalyst pre-installed.

One other key note. Do Not Sell your Azima, or any other Login Weapon. There is currently no way to recover them if you sell it, even via Platinum in the Market.


azima stats

With a base Damage of 20, Azima does not rank high in terms of strength. It is mostly Slash Damage, so if you do use it, it pairs well with Nekros on farming runs. It’s primary fire is a decent bullet hose with a nice 75 round magazine. The main trick it has is an alt-fire, which launches the entire disc-shaped magazine. Once launched, it will bounce around the environment – any enemies hit will take 75 Blast Damage. 

Once settled, your new Turret will levitate, firing rounds in all directions. The Turret will not target a specific enemy to shoot at, so try to land it in a group for maximum effect. If you use this regularly, the Turret can consume your Ammo fairly quickly because you are firing everything left in your current Magazine.

Crit or Status?

You can mostly tune Azima to taste. You won’t make it to 100% Status Chance with the usual mods, as it starts at 16%, but it’s not a bad start. With a 16% Crit Chance, you also have a good base there, given the number of rounds you can pump out. Currently it has a high Riven Disposition, so you have some potential out there if you are able to track a Riven down.

You may have trouble with it as you move towards end game, but the Azima is worth a spin. With some good modding it can handle some decent CC. Just make sure to grab your logins if you want it and it’ll be yours.

Weapon 101 – Orthos / Orthos Prime

The Orthos is a dual-bladed Polearm that resembles the result of a bored Tenno duct taping a Dual Skana onto a Bo before swinging it around with wild abandon until everything in the room is dead. At Mastery Rank 2, the Orthos is an excellent melee weapon for new Tenno to take through the Star Chart and even into Sorties, depending on the build. 

The Orthos and Orthos Prime are the two longest melee weapons in all of Warframe (outside of Zaws) and as such can clear crowds of enemies easily, making the weapon a staple of any arsenal. If there’s an enemy in your way, the Orthos is usually the answer for getting them out of your way.

How to Acquire

The Orthos blueprint can be bought from the Market for 20k Credits and has a fairly low build cost. Once most new Tenno reach Mars in they will tend to have more Morphics than they can ever really use, although the Polymer Bundles can prove tricky to procure (just ask Greg and Lucas about Polymer farming).

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Morphics
    Morphics 4
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 500
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 850
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 700

The Orthos Prime is still currently available in void relics, and consists of two Blades and one handle. The build also requires 15k Credits and 10 Orokin Cells which can be obtained as rare drops in the Star Chart.

Stats by Variant

orthos stats
orthos prime stats

The Orthos — as any good sword-on-a-stick should — deals primarily Slash Damage, making it extra effective against anything with Health. Along with its very favorable Damage spread, the Orthos is long – long as the dickens, you may say – long enough to hit all of Lephantis’ heads and still have room for a charger or two… and the Orthos Prime is even longer. The Orthos favors Status Chance at a base of 15%, and building it from there will spread all kinds of bleed and Elemental procs to your enemies as you become a Twirling Spire (get it?) of pain.

The Orthos Prime has an even greater reach than the base Orthos and is tied with the Guandao and the Cassowar for longest reaching Melee weapon in the game. The Orthos Prime has an increased Critical Chance from the base version, sitting pretty at 10%  along with a matching 15% Status Chance. The Orthos Prime has higher base Damage and attack speed than the stock Orthos, and sports a nifty Orokin inscription that reads ‘The longest arm is the law,’ which is certainly the case in Warframe.

Crit or Status?

The Orthos’ long reach makes it a shoe-in for a Combo-based Melee build. This kind of build relies on consecutive Melee strikes to build a multiplier, which boosts the weapon’s Damage the higher the combo counter goes. Mods like Body Count, Drifting Contact, and Gladiator Rush will serve to boost not only the combo timer (the time before the combo resets), but can also be augmented with Weeping Wounds, which will increase the Status Chance based on the Combo Multiplier.

The Orthos Prime can be built the same way as the Orthos, but replace Weeping Wounds with Blood Rush. It can also effectively be built for Status Chance / Damage using the dual-status mods rather than using Combo mods.

Both the Orthos and Orthos Prime will benefit greatly from the addition of a maxed-out Reach or Primed Reach mod, which increases their effective Range, thus hitting more enemies. Both weapons can also be pushed to 100% Status Chance, allowing every swing of the weapon to inflict a status proc, which will cause Damage over time.

The Orthos is an excellent early weapon for any Tenno looking to become a Shimmering Blight on the battlefield. Polearm weapons are peak spin-to-win gameplay and the Orthos leads the way with gusto, allowing an enterprising Tenno to spread misery in ways unavailable with previous MR0 and MR1 weapons. The Orthos is a solid early-game choice and is an easy recommendation for any level of player.


temple of profit

The Corpus Raknoids, spider-like mechanisms, are found upon The Orb Vallis of Venus. These mechanical monstrosities are presumed to be powered by a part commonly referred to as a Toroid. Besides the fact that Toroids are found in Raknoids, very little else is known of these spherical contraptions. However, for some reason, the inhabitants of Fortuna find value in collecting as many as possible – and it is as a reulst of this that it is possible to earn favor with factions such as the Vox Solaris and with the Quills associated with them in Fortuna.

At present, there are 5 variants of Toroids, most of which are obtainable from a different model of Raknoid – except for 2 which are obtained from far nastier creations: the Orb Mothers themselves!

Orb Toroids

Crisma Toroid

The Crisma Toroid is a shiny contraption that is worth 6k standing in the eye’s of Vox Solaris. It drops from the Profit Taker Orb Mother in Phase 4 of the corresponding Heist (seek the back room of Fortuna, if you aren’t sure what we mean here).

Crisma Toroid
Lazulite Toroid

Lazulite Toroid

Next, the Lazulite Toroid, which drops from the Exploiter Orb Mother.

This Toroid can be traded for 12k standing and is currently the most valued Toroid. It als helps that the Exploiter Orb is both enjoyable and easy, compared to the Profit Taker.

Other Toroids

These next items are the smaller farmable Toroids. These don’t require you to fight an Orb Mother, and can be farmed in higher quantities, if you hav the patience. These are the Vega, Calda, and Sola Toroids, each of which is valued at 1k standing per unit. The biggest difference between these three are the Raknoid models that house them.

Vega Toroid

First up, we have the Vega Toroid, which has a 1% chance to be dropped by Mite Raknoids. During the first stage of the Exploiter Orb, you will find an abundance of these nasty annoyances, so if you’re looking for a constant flow of these little spider bots, the Exploiter Orb fight is your best bet. 

Alternatively, you can fight any enemy in the Spaceport – which has a 1.1% drop rate.

Vega Toroid
Calda Toroid

Calda Toroid

Next we have the Calda Toroid. This one is found in and around the Enrichment Labs, where the Scyto Raknoids spawn. This toroid has a 20% drop rate from the Scyto, or a 1.1% drop rate from other enemies in the area. However, this requires Alert Level 4 active to call forth the necessary Raknoids. 

An easier way to farm this Toroid is during Phase 2 of the Profit Taker Heist. Once completed and told to head back to Fortuna, you will essentially be in Alert Level 4 until you return to the elevator.

Sola Toroid

The last Toroid, the Sola, can be found in and around the Temple of Profit, with a 20% drop rate from the Kyta Raknoid. Again, there is also a 1.1% drop rate from any other enemy in the area. 

Yet again, you will need to hit Alert Level 4 in the corresponding area in order to trigger constant waves of enemies, amongst whom the Kyta will eventually spawn.

Sola Toroid

In addition, these three Toroids may also be found in any of the 17 caves on The Orb Vallis. The interaction here occurs in a similar fashion to that of Ayatan sculptures, where you see the item on the ground and simply interact with it to pick it up.

What the Vox Solaris use these objects for is beyond me, but if they are willing to pay for every one they receive, then who am I to ask questions.

Sentinel Showcase

sentinels guide
" On the border of chartered space, an enclave of small, strange, seemingly intelligent creatures was discovered by Tenno explorers. They are mechanical entities, almost organic in appearance, with a precarious resemblance to the fearsome Sentients that had decimated human civilization. However, these creatures showed no signs of aggression, and they immediately began carrying out helpful tasks in peculiar alliance with the Tenno. "
-Mars Cephalon fragment

The little flying assistants we call Sentinels each seem to possess a specific task that may as well be
programmed into their very essence. But don’t let their cute appearance fool you, these helpful little critters
also come packing with their own signature weapon for defending themselves and killing your enemies. 

Let’s take a look at the Sentinels in detail – what they exist to do and what they bring to your missions.


This handy little friend is all about utility, as it converts ammo for the Tenno. The carrier is also one of very few Sentinels that possesses a Prime variant – while the abilities remain the same, the Prime variant is equipped with a much sturdier frame for added survivability.

Carrier comes equipped with the Sweeper, a type of shotgun. In addition, the base Carrier is obtainable through the market for 75 plat ,or you can pick up the blueprint for 100k credits. Its Prime variant is presently vaulted, but can be brought from other players that may have a spare set.

carrier sentinel

Carrier-specific mods

ammo case

Ammo Case

This mod not only increases the ammunition capacity of the Tenno's equipped weapons, but also converts picked up ammo into the same type as the currently equipped weapon.



A handy little mod that enables the Carrier to shoot at crates in order to open them up to find materials and/or ammunition.


Next up, we have the well named Deathcube. As the name suggests, this Sentinel has a much more violent design. A Prime variant was recently released as well, with higher Health and Armor, making him a tougher cube.

The default weapon of the Deathcube is the Deth (correct spelling!) Machine Rifle. This gloriously named rifle has a short spool-up time before raining hell upon its foes.  The Prime variant has better stats all round, including a higher fire rate and higher base Damage.

The Deathcube can also be obtained from the market for 75 plat or you can pick up the blueprint for 100k credits.

deathcube sentinel

Dethcube-specific mods



This mod packs quite the punch! The Deathcube will blast a specialized beam at any enemies within 4 meters for 600 Damage.

Energy Generator

Energy Generator

Who can say no to a helpful little bot that likes to assist with kills? Better still, this mod makes it so that the Deathcube will drop an Energy Orb for every 10 enemies it has assisted in killing.


Third in our list of tenno friendly Sentinels is the waste-landish Diriga. Designed to take out enemies from afar, this Sentinel packs all the necessary tools for the job.

The Diriga is all about Range, so it’s only fitting that it comes with the Vulklok Sniper Rifle.

The Diriga can be obtained through the market for 75 Platinum or you can pick up the Blueprint for 100k credits.

diriga sentinel

Diriga-specific mods

Electro Pulse

Electro Pulse

On a 5 second interval, this mod causes the Diriga to zap an enemy within 15 meters, causing said enemy to become immobilized over and over again.

Arc Coil

Arc Coil

Even the Diriga needs something for when the enemy gets too close and this mod is exactly that. Zapping up to 7 enemies within a 10 meter Range, the Diriga additionally will deal 100 Damage to each enemy caught in the electric snare, with a 10% chance at procing status.


Next we have the mystical Djinn Sentinel. This genie-like presence is another Sentinel that boasts combat capabilities.

Shooting poisonous darts from its signature weapon, the Stinger is a Rifle-based weapon.

The Djinn cannot be obtained from the market, but instead you can pick up the Blueprints from the bio lab in your Clan Dojo for 50k credits.

djinn sentinel

Djinn-specific mods

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

This mod gives the Djinn the ability to mesmerise enemies within 20 meters... Once they step too close to the alluring Djinn, it then explodes dealing 250 Damage.



Dying is not the end for our dear friend the Djinn, as after 90 seconds, the Djinn will revive itself.


Tired of carrying around your scanner? Sick of the constant re-equipping of weapons after you’ve scanned something?

Well look no further than the Helios – it’s got all your scanning needs covered!

Don’t like the base form? We’ve got you covered there also, as the Helios is another Sentinel with a Primed variant.

Helios is presently the only Sentinel that comes with a Melee weapon, the Deconstructor.

In addition, it’s another Sentinel not found in the market – instead, you can find the blueprints in the Energy Lab of the Clan Dojo for 15k credits. The Prime variant is presently vaulted, but can be brought from other players that may have a spare set.

helios sentinel

Helios-specific mods



This mod grants Helios the ability to use your scanners in order to scan any item and/or enemy within 50 meters. Doing so will spend a scanner charge upon each use, so make sure you have plenty in advance.

Detect Vulnerability

Detect Vulnerability

After all the necessary scans have been done, additional scans will reveal enemy weak points for the Tenno to exploit.


The newest addition to the Sentinel lineup, the Oxylus is all about the search-and-rescue life within harsh terrains like that of Orb Vallis.

The Multron is the Oxylus weapon of choice, which is a simple Rifle-based weapon.

The Oxylus Sentinel can be purchased from the market for 75 plat or you can pick up the Blueprint from The Biz in Fortuna for 20k standing after reaching the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United.

oxylus sentinel

Oxylus-specific mods

Scan Aquatic Lifeforms

Fishing in the Orb Vallis has never been easier thanks to the Oxylus. This mod helps find fishing hotspots within 100 meters and then applies luminescent dye to all fish within 40 meters.

Scan Matter

With this mod, Oxylus is granted the ability to find resources within 60 meters to then display on your minimap for 8 seconds every 30 seconds.


Time for a change of pace  – and perhaps to slip into something a little… stealthier! No sentient is more stealthy than Shade.

The Shade Sentinel does also have an additional variant, but unlike the others it’s a Prisma instead of the usual Prime variation.

Equipped with the Burst Laser, the Shade needs some way to defend itself, even if that weapon is not silent.

Shade may be purchased for 75 Platinum from the Market or you can pick up the blueprint for 100k credits. The Prisma variant can only be purchased from Baro Ki’teer for 300k credits and 500 ducats.

shade sentinel

Shade-specific mods


This gem of a mod makes it so that if enemies come within a 10 meter radius of the Shade's master, Shade kicks in to stealth mode, cloaking both itself and the Tenno. However, be wary as it only remains active while enemies are within range or until the Tenno attacks.


This mod ties directly to the Ghost mod: when Invisibility is broken, the Tenno receives a 3- second boost to Damage... at 120%!


Granted the power to protect its master and freeze its enemies in place, the Taxon is a simple Sentinel that was thought to be lost to the ages. That was until a cache of Sentinel tech was discovered on Earth, including the Blueprint to this shield-mending Sentinel.

The Artax is the Taxon weapon of choice and this beam-based weapon deals Cold Damage with a chance to proc the Freeze status.

The Taxon is presently the cheapest Sentinel to acquire, and is in fact given to the player upon completing the Venus Junction on Earth. However, its Blueprint may also be purchased from the Market for the low cost of 5k credits.

taxon sentinel

Taxon-specific mods

Moecular Conversion

Blasting enemies within a 10 radius with a beam, this mod converts 200 of the Damage dealt into Shield for the Tenno.



The Sentinel will attack the first enemy it sees.


Specializing in the art of Crowd Control and the protection of one’s master, we have the Wyrm. This Sentinel is another built more for combat and/or for bodyguard duties, and sports a very shiny Primed variation.

The Wyrm comes fully equipped with its ever-so-simple Laser Rifle.

Much like most of the Sentinels, Wyrm can be picked up from the Market for 75 Platinum or you can get hold of the Blueprint for 100k credits. The Prime variant is currently vaulted, but its parts can be purchased from another player.

wyrm sentinel

Wyrm-specific mods

crowd dispersion

Crowd Dispersion

Releasing a radial stun in a 10 meter radius, this mod activates when multiple hostiles begin attacking within the 10 meter Range.



This handy little mod makes it so the Tenno becomes immune to a random Status Effect once every 5 seconds.

To close this showcase, I’d like to point out that each Sentinel has an additional mod exclusive to its model;
however, there is little difference between each one. The only real difference being the range in which they
activate. What these mods do is simply make the Sentinel attack the closest enemies within range on sight.

Sentinels have proven themselves useful time and time again, and it is because of this that I look forward to any further Sentinels that may become available in the future.

Weapon 101 – Dual Raza

dual raza tips

Styled off the Soma rifle, the Tenno Dual Raza are a hatchet pair and upgrade to your Dual Kamas. Like their fabrication component, you’ll be pulling on your Dual Swords mods to Slash and Puncture your way to victory.

How to Acquire

The Dual Raza Blueprint can be picked up in your Tenno Lab once you reach MR6. There are not any surprises resource-wise, so you can knock this one out early game. You can pick it up pre-built for 175 Platinum if you don’t want to wait.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Dual Kamas
    Dual Kamas 1
  • Cryotic
    Cryotic 200
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 200
  • Orokin Cell
    Orokin Cell 1


dual raza stats

Compared to the Dual Kamas, the Dual Raza are an upgrade across the board, with the exception of Attack Speed, so don’t worry too much about them being consumed. They are at the top of the list for Crit Multiplier, with 3.0x and a high Crit Chance to compliment. A particularly useful stat for unveiling Combo Multiplier Rivens. With a base Damage of 4, it likely won’t carry you through end game. It does have a very high Riven Disposition though, so its potential is strong.

Crit or Status?

As you’ve likely guessed, this is a Crit Weapon. With a base 5% Status Chance, there is not much to work with on that side of the scale. Combo boosters and Attack Speed will play well to push out more Crit Damage.

The Dual Raza are a pretty straightforward weapon. Ramp up their DPS and hack ‘n slash your way through. You’ll likely swap them out down the road, but you may want to consider hanging on to them for when you start cracking Rivens.

Weapon 101 – Gammacor / Synoid Gammacor

gammacor tips

Forged by the Cephalons to aid in their quest for knowledge, the Gammacor and Synoid Gammacor are wrist-mounted lasers that are well suited for Corpus targets. Originally designed for mineral analysis, the weapon has a few quirks to adjust to when taken into battle.

How to Acquire

The Gammacor Blueprint can be picked up fairly early at MR2 for 35,000 Credits. The need for a handful Plastids will make Saturn your gating planet unless you are able to get some from Bounties. You’ll also need an Argon Crystal pair from the Void. Once you’ve mastered the Gammacor, do not sell it. You’ll need it as a component for the Heliocor down the road.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 2,500
  • Plastids
    Plastids 650
  • Circuits
    Circuits 400
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 2

Synoid Gammacor may be purchased from Cephalon Suda after reaching Rank 5, Genius. You’ll need to spend 100,000 Standing, but like the other Syndicate Weapons if you are not aligned with Suda (or Rank 5 yet) it can be traded. You will need to reach MR7 before upgrading to this version.

Stats by Variant

gammacor stats
synoid gammacor stats

The Base Gammacor enters the field with a base Damage of 16 Magnetic. You won’t be using any IPS mods here, so stick with your Elemental builds. You are able to mod for Electric and Cold Damage specifically, so there are no additional restrictions on Element types and combos. With a high Status Chance of 20% and low Crit Chance at 8%, Elemental Damage will be served well. Being innately Magnetic, it is well suited to strip Corpus Shields, but less effective against the Grineer. Adding Corrosive can counter this to make it a defense stripper. When fired, the Gammacor does not start at full power. There is about a 0.5 second Damage ramp-up from 25% to 100%. About 0.8 seconds after you let go of the trigger, your Damage output will begin to ramp back down over 2 seconds. You have a decent Ammo Pool, so as you get used to it, keeping the trigger down as much as you can will help keep your Damage up.

There are nearly no drawbacks to upgrading to the Synoid Gammacor when able. First is a Damage boost from 16 to 20, still innately Magnetic. A big Crit Chance boost to 20% as well as an even higher Status Chance, increasing to 28%. You’ll still have the Damage ramp-up, but the low end is 30% now instead of 25%, and it’ll also give a Range boost from 25 meters to 40 meters. 

The Synoid version also gains a Naramon (-) Polarity to go alongside the original Vazarin (D) one. Being a Syndicate Weapon, you also have the faction bonus effect. For Suda’s Synoid Weapons this will be Entropy, which triggers as Affinity is earned. When triggered, you’ll hit enemies within 25 meters with a 1,000 Magnetic Damage blast as well as guaranteed Status Effect. You’ll also receive a 25% base Energy increase for 30 seconds and recover 25% of your base Energy.

Crit or Status?

Both versions of the Gammacor are high Status Chance weapons. You have more flexibility with the Synoid Gammacor and its high Crit Chance if you do want to go a Crit route. Since it doesn’t have a high base Damage, turning it into a Status Proc weapon can make it a great utility in the field.

The Gammacor likely won’t carry you very far, but once you can upgrade to the Synoid Variant, it will pick up some very nice buffs. You’ll need to get in close with its limited range, but modded well, you’ll be able to strip enemies of their defenses and leave them full of Status Procs.

Warframe 101 – Octavia


Released alongside Update 20 in early 2017, Octavia is one of only several frames with their own acquisition quest, Octavia’s Anthem. This is a really enjoyable quest (although frustrating at times), that has a very original story thread running through it – I do recommend you play through it if you get the chance.

If you haven’t gleaned it already from the name, Octavia is the music frame, the diva, with highly original Abilities that utilise rhythm and melody in a very unexpected, but extremely effective way. Useful for a number of different mission types, and welcome for her support Abilities, Octavia is pretty much a “must have” frame, although it is true that there are other frames that are just as effective.

Note: while you acquire her main blueprint from the Octavia’s Anthem questline, the rest of her components can be a struggle to farm. Her Chassis Blueprint is a guaranteed drop (yay!) from the Lua Music Puzzle (boo!) – so you first need to be lucky enough to find the room, then clever enough to figure out the puzzle (it’s not that hard, and we do have a guide in the works). Her Neuroptic blueprint, though, is a reward from Rotation C of Orokin Derelict Survival, and her Systems blueprint is found in Rotation A Caches of Lua Crossfire  Exterminate (a good choice when hunting the Music Puzzle as well, I might add). Clearly, the Neuroptics is what will drive you mad.



Octavia’s passive, Harmonic Symphony, is… well, it’s both complex and simple. Let’s start with the simple part first.

Inspiration: casting any Ability will “inspire” allies within 15m, giving them 1 Energy per second Energy Regen for 30 seconds. Recasting any Ability will refresh the Duration.

The second component of this passive is her Mandachord, a special piece of equipment that is crafted as part of the Octavia’s Anthem quest. This is the source of her musical Abilities, but also allows players to… make their own (never annoying) songs!

Mandachord: while not an Ability itself, it can be accessed via Octavia’s Appearance tab in the Arsenal – you will notice a Mandachord button in the bottom right. Clicking this will take you into the Mandachord screen, which will allow players to create their own songs. Note there are three components that represent her Abilities – Percussion (1st Ability), Bass (2nd Ability), and Melody (3rd Ability). And yhes, this means that these components of the song will only play when this Ability is employed in game. Players are given one set of instruments for free, but can also choose to buy other instruments using Platinum, which opens up the capability to create a whole of different sounds…


On casting, Octavia throws a magical sphere in the direction of her aim – where she magicks this up from is anybody’s guess. This device sits in one place, rhythmically playing percussion, beating into the ground in pulses for 20 seconds at max base. This attracts enemy aggro, storing Damage dealt within the Mallet, and dealing it back out at 2.5x within a 10 m Radius (max at base).

Note that when this Ability is cast with her second Ability (Resonator), it will become mobile instead of sitting in the place it is cast. Further, when Mallet is within the Radius of her fourth Ability (Amp), both its Damage and Range are doubled.

Mallet is affected by Ability Duration, Strength, and Range mods.

octavia mallet


Magically conjuring yet another rollerball from… somewhere, Octvia throws this little fella out into the battlefield, where it rolls about playing bass for up to 20 seconds. Think of the Resonator like the Pied Piper – it’s soothing bass sounds calm enemies, and entice them to follow the sweet little rollerball. The Radius of this charming effect is initially up to 6m, but this expands with each enemy following, up to a max of 15m. While in the Charm Radius, these silly enemies will receive up to 125 Blast Damage (base) per beat. As an awesome bonus, the Resonator will actively seek uncharmed enemies, and when the Duration runs out, will leave charmed enemies staggered for a short period.

However, you might recall that the Resonator will pick up the Mallet and carry it around when both are cast together – this increases the Damage output and causes enemies to attack the Mallet (which is, of course, one of the effects of the Mallet).

Resonator is also impacted by Ability Duration, Strength, and Range mods.

octavia resonator


OK, it’s BUFF time. Time to get BUFFED. On casting, Octavia starts up her melodies and pumps up the volume, creating an aura around her that buffs specific actions performed by herself and her allies. Many are aware of the invisibility buff, but there are actually FOUR buffs, depending on the action performed, and yes, these can be active all at the same time. What’s more? These buffs can also be augmented by Ability mods!

Vivace: jumping in sync to the music will provide a movement speed increase of up to 30% for up to 15 seconds
Nocturne: the one (almost) everybody knows – crouching in sync to the music will grant 100% invisibility for up to 15 seconds
Opera: firing weapons in sync to the music will apply up to 30% Multishot for up to 15 seconds
Forte: performing melee attacks in sync to the music will provide up to 35% melee Damage increase for up to 15 seconds

Per Octavia’s other Abilities, Metronome is impacted by Ability Duration, Strength, and Range mods, with Duration and Strength mods in particular affecting the buffs themselves.

octavia metronome


Like any good Amp, this Ability turns everything up to 11. On casting, Octavia throws out her amplification device, turning the battlefield into a nightclub. Whilst in the radius of the Amp field, Octavia and her allies will receive a multiplier to the base Damage of weapons, ranging from 0.25x to 2x for up to 30 seconds, also doubling the Range and Damage of any Mallet within the field. If recast, this will place a new Amp field – Octavia can only have one active at a time.

And again, Amp is influenced by Ability Duration, Strength, and Range mods.

octavia amp
octavia stats

Overall, Octavia is a solid frame, with survivability stats best built towards Armor and Health. She has a pretty good base Energy pool, but given you want to cast all her Abilities together, it’s likely you’ll want to either increase this number, or improve on her Efficiency.

With the Ability to virtually cover the battlefield in Damage dealing and Crowd Control effects, in addition to providing both survivability and Damage buffs, Octavia is clearly a good frame in virtually any case (perhaps not so much for Spy missions). However, give she can effectively hold down a specific area, she is most effective for mission types that require players to hold down an area, such as Interception or Defence.

Get her – she’s well worth the effort and nobody wil complain that an Octaqvia has joined the team (unless your music is annoying).

BONUS TIP: individuals can turn off the sound for Mandachords in their Settings. While this does impact your Ability to effectively sync with the music, it does save a lot of heartache with regards to annoying songs…

Warframe 101 – Revenant


Revenant. His very name evokes ghostly visions of something returned from the dead, seeking revenge. Once tasked with protecting the Plains of Eidolon, Revenant suddenly disappeared, only to be resurrected by you, Tenno. Now you hold his power – the power of both Eidolon and the Void. 

Revenant was originally codenamed “Vlad”, and was first conceived as a vampire frame, before changing significantly and being added to the game with Update 23, understandably titled “Mask of the Revenant”.

And the Revenant himself? He’s an omnipotent beast, coming in hot with a high degree of survivability, Crowd Control, and high Damage output. While he seems somewhat unimpressive at first glance, with the right build and the right approach, he may become one of your favourite frames…

Note:  Revenant’s main Blueprint can be acquired via completion of the Mask of the Revenant Quest line. His component Blueprints are rewards from Cetus Bounties.


Revenant’s passive, Sentient Retaliation, makes him perfect for nighttime escapades on the Plains of Eidolon,as he is immune to the Radiation effects of the water at night. In addition, his second Ability (Mesmer Skin) is entirely immune to Damage from specific attacks from all three Eidolon, not utilising any Mesmer Skin charges to protect Revenant from Damage. And lastly, so as to provide an Ability that is useful OUTSIDE of the Plains, Revenant will emit a radial blast that knocks down nearby enemies when his Shield is depleted.


Cast on a single target within 25m (base at max), that enemy will be enthralled to Revenant, and will begin fighting on the side of good for up to 30 seconds. The thrall’s attacks will share this enraptured state with other enemies, up to a total of 7. Note you and your allies can still damage the thralls while in this state.

If killed while enthralled, these little helpers will leave behind a Pillar of sentient fire, which inflicts up to 1000 Puncture Damage per second to enemies within 2m. These pillars will also emit little balls of enemy seeking fire, which will home in on nearby enemies inflicting 1000 Impact Damage.

Enthrall is affected by Ability Duration and Range, and the Damage from the pillars is affected by Ability Strength mods.

revenant enthrall

Mesmer Skin

This is one that Revenant casts upon himself, wrapping himself in sentient love. This sheath of energy protects Revenant from up to 6 attacks (at base), reflecting 100% of the Damage back on the enemy, and stunning them for up to 5 seconds. Importantly, this can be recast at any time – this effect is not additive, it merely replaces the shield charges. The Ability is not timed, and lasts until all of the charges have been used.

Also important to note, any enemies stunned by Mesmer Skin’s reflected Damage can be enthralled at no Energy cost.

Mesmer Skin is impacted by Ability Strength and Duration – note specifically that Strength mods will increase the number of charges that are applied, which is an important aspect of his survivability.

revenant mesmer skin


Another Ability cast upon himself, Revenant will rush forward in energy form for up to 1 second. Any enemy that Revenant passes through will be stripped of up to 8% of their Shield and Health, restoring the same percentage of his own Shield and Health for each enemy affected.

Some important notes – the amount of Shield/Health leeched is 5x for enemies that have been enthralled. In addition, if Mesmer Skin is charged while passing through a thrall, one Mesmer Skin charge will be refunded. In addition, if Reave passes through allies while Mesmer Skin is active, the ally (including companions) will be conferred a Mesmer Skin charge.

Reave is affected by Strength (leech amount), Range, and Duration mods.

revenant reave

Danse Macabre

Channelling his laser jazz hands, Revenant becomes sparklefingers personified – and boy is it a powerful Ability. On casting, Revenant will levitate and rotate on the spot, firing lasers outward from his outstretched hand. These beams reach out across a 100m area, inflicting up to 1250 Damage per second, along with a 20% Status Chance. It’s bonkers.

Not only do the beams have a fairly high Damage output as it is, but they also possess innate punchthrough, and Revenant himself also absorbs incoming Damage, adding it to and increasing the outgoing Damage of the individual beams. On top of all of this? Revenant can move at a pretty solid pace, enabling him to get his lasers into the faces of enemies across the map.

These fancy energy beams are not only ridiculously powerful, but they also adapt their Damage output based on the enemy they hit. This is insane – that means the Damage will be Corrosive against Armored enemies, Magnetic against Shielded enemies, and Gas against the infestation.

A little known tweak is that holding down the Ability key will increase the Damage per second output to 2500 Damage per second, and double the Status Chance, at the expense of doubled Energy drain per second.

Being a drain Ability, other Warframe Abilities and Energy pizzas will not restore Revenant’s energy while Danse Macabre is active. Look out for Energy orbs, and understand that Arcane Energize, Rage, and Hunter Adrenaline are your friends.

Some notes on synergy! Enthralled enemies killed by the beams will drop orbs that can be picked up by yourself and allies, providing 50 Overshield. In addition, any pillar left behind by thralls will emit a radial explosion when hit by the beams. Further, any Damage reflected by Mesmer Skin’s charges will also be absorbed to increase beam Damage output. And lastly, casting Reave while using Danse Macabre will come at half the Energy cost. He is truly a highly synergistic frame.

Danse Macabre is affected by Ability Strength and Range mods, while Energy drain is impacted by Efficiency and Duration mods.

revenant danse macabre
revenant stats

Revenant is a beast of a frame. He has a hefty base Health and Shield (his Shield is pretty massive, coming in at 675 at max rank), so you definitely want to build towards these, in addition to increasing his Ability Strength to increase that Mesmer Skin – then just make sure it’s up at all times and you will NEVER DIE.

In the end, though, it depends how you feel about “press 4 to win” frames. Sure, you also need to press 2, but you don’t HAVE to do much more than that. Clever players, though, will be trying to work across all Abilities, in turn buffing themselves and allies. All in all, Revenant is not a frame to miss.

Weapon 101 – Arca Plasmor

arca plasmor tips

Arca Plasmor may be fairly straightforward in terms of point and shoot, but sometimes keeping it simple is all you need. Unleashing a pulsewave of Radiation, the Arca Plasmor can easily clear hallways all the way through end game.

How to Acquire

The Arca Plasmor Blueprint is found in your Clan’s Energy Lab. Not a very expensive research on it’s own, but it is gated by Prova, Dera, and Lanka, which will require some Plastids and Nano Spores. Once you’ve hit MR10 you can purchase the Blueprint unless you go the pre-built route for 190 Platinum. You’ll need some Fieldron and a Forma for the Foundry, but the investment is worthwhile.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Fieldron
    Fieldron 5
  • Control Module
    Control Module 5
  • Cryotic
    Cryotic 925
  • Forma
    Forma 1


arca plasmor stats

Hitting like a truck, the Arca Plasmor unleashes a Radioactive wave that can easily clear a spread of enemies in front of you. Coming in the Top 10 for primary weapon base Damage, you’ll be starting with 600 Radiation Damage. You will have to work around a Damage Falloff starting at 10m that drops your Damage down to 33.33% at 20m. You can mod this Range though via Projectile Flight Speed. 

Enemies within 15m of you will receive a guaranteed Impact Proc. Hiding behind each other won’t protect them either, as the weapon has an innate 3m Punch Through. To get through surfaces, though, you’ll need to mod in some Punch Through, or else they will provide cover. 

The pulsewave the Arca Plasmor unleashes serves as a double-edged sword by vaporizing enemies. Adding Hush or otherwise silencing the weapon makes it great for stealth, as no bodies will be left behind. Counter to this though, no bodies is a bad combo for farming with Nekros, leaving nothing to be Desecrated – this is extremely important to remember when farming! 

Otherwise, Arca Plasmor is pretty straightforward. Point and make things disappear. It doesn’t come with any IPS Damage, so you’ll be relying on Elementals, but it has the Status Chance to back this up.

Crit or Status?

Arca Plasmor starts off with a base 28% Status Chance, making it a great candidate for Status builds. It does also have a base Crit Chance of 22% and Crit Multiplier of 1.6x, so not necessarily worth ignoring that side either. Grabbing the 60/60 Mods is a great set-up to leave any enemy that may have survived your initial blast riddled with Procs. And as it fires a pulsewave instead of pellets, it is not affected by the pellet reduction as most of its Shotgun brethren.

A favorite of many end game players, it’s hard to compete with the power of the Arca Plasmor. Once you reach MR10, it is worth giving it a try to see if you enjoy it. Because of its popularity, it has a very low Riven Disposition, but that just proves that it is plenty strong without one.