Warframe 101 – Revenant

Revenant. His very name evokes ghostly visions of something returned from the dead, seeking revenge. Once tasked with protecting the Plains of Eidolon, Revenant suddenly disappeared, only to be resurrected by you, Tenno. Now you hold his power – the power of both Eidolon and the Void. Revenant was originally codenamed “Vlad”, and was first Read More

Weapon 101 – Arca Plasmor

Arca Plasmor may be fairly straightforward in terms of point and shoot, but sometimes keeping it simple is all you need. Unleashing a pulsewave of Radiation, the Arca Plasmor can easily clear hallways all the way through end game. How to Acquire The Arca Plasmor Blueprint is found in your Clan’s Energy Lab. Not a Read More

Weapon 101 – Plinx

The Corpus Secondary Plinx is a unique little battery-powered laser rifle that can serve you well against Armored Enemies. Possibly a little use-case specific for some tastes, but if you polish it right there is a lot of potential to shine. How to Acquire The Blueprint for Plinx may be picked up from the Market Read More

Weapon 101 – Twin Rogga

Pistols of choice for the Kuva Guardians, the Twin Rogga are a pair of flintlock pistol blunderbusses that can blast away even the heartiest of foes. Likely a Late-Game Weapon because of the needed crafting materials, these mini shotguns can carry you through to end game. However, depending on your playstyle, they may need some Read More

Weapon 101 – Twin Grakatas

The weapon of choice for all folk’s favorite Grineer (Clem, of course) – the Twin Grakatas. This Secondary Weapon takes the bullet hose of the Grakata and hands you a second one. With a starting point of 120 hammering rounds in 6 seconds, you can tear apart shields and mow down anyone running at you. Read More

Weapon 101 – Exergis

Designed by the Corpus, the Exergis is a shredding powerhouse. Pulling the trigger will drive a spike into a captured crystal, sending the shattered shards outward with a force few weapons can compete with. Tracking it down is definitely a grind, and it likely won’t be in your arsenal until late game, but considering its Read More

Weapon 101 – Grakata / Prisma Grakata

Welcome the signature weapon of Grineer troopers; the king of all Daka; the Grakata. The basis of Clem’s signature Twin Grakata and a formidable bullet hose, the Grakata is a fun-to-use automatic rifle with a huge ammo pool and the potential to create a swathe of destruction with only one trigger pull. The Grakata is Read More

Weapon 101 – Javlok

Javlok is a Speargun and it’s great for when you want to blow stuff up. Firing superheated slugs, its projectiles explode on impact. When you get tired of shooting, you can just throw the whole weapon at them, dishing out an even larger explosion. How to Acquire The Javlok is a little expensive to build, Read More

Warframe 101 – Nezha

Nezha was added as a timed exclusive in the now extinct Warframe China, and was moved to the International game in Update 18.1 all the way back in 2015. Yes, the child god himself, Nezha has a youthful model, full of youthful exuberance! And fire. He also has fire. Oh – and spikes! Gotta love Read More