Warframe 101 – Nezha

Nezha was added as a timed exclusive in the now extinct Warframe China, and was moved to the International game in Update 18.1 all the way back in 2015. Yes, the child god himself, Nezha has a youthful model, full of youthful exuberance! And fire. He also has fire. Oh – and spikes! Gotta love Read More

Warframe 101 – Mesa

Thank you to DogingDoge for help with the main image for this article (above). Alad V fled across the Desert, and the Gunslinger followed. Born of his Mutalist experimentation, Mesa, the Outcast and Wielder of the Exalted Regulator Pistols, first stood opposed to the Tenno with Update 15.5 back in November 2014 with Operation: Mutalist Read More

Warframe 101 – Khora

Khora, the crazy cat lady, joined Warframe in early 2018 as a later part of Update 22 (“Beasts of the Sanctuary”, which included the Sanctuary Onslaught game mode). Initially touted to be the flag bearer for the Damage changes to IPS, this was later shelved, as the team realised that these changes would have a Read More

Warframe 101 – Hildryn

Hildryn, the cybernetic shield maiden, joined Warframe alongside the Exploiter Orb and Buried Debts. A powerhouse in her own right, Hildryn differs from other frames in that she doesn’t use Energy for her Abilities – instead, she uses her Shield to power them. At first, this seemed like potentially a mistake, given that Shield is Read More

Warframe 101 – Baruuk

Inner peace and tranquility are the path to self enlightenment – to harness and accept one’s self in entirety. Baruuk is one such enlightened soul, and with his release in Update 24.2, he brought with him a style of combat dedicated to spilling the least amount of blood as possible. But even the calmest of Read More

Warframe 101: Saryn

Saryn is known as the poison frame. Deadly and beautiful, she uses contagious spores and other poisonous Abilities to degrade her enemies Health, and active play will spread this Damage to every enemy nearby. Saryn has minor Damage mitigation in her second Ability, but she boasts a hearty set of base stats breaking a trend Read More

Warframe 101 – Mag

Mag, the magnificent manipulator, displays her moxie with a mastery of magnetism, moving matter with ease. Materialising from the Void as one of the original 8 warframes, Mag has been at our side since mission 1, 2013 and Update 10.0 brought Mag Prime as the first female Prime to the game. When mastering Mag yourself, Read More

Warframe 101 – Garuda

Garuda joined the roster in late 2018 as part of Update 24 – alongside the release of Fortuna. Billed as a “goreframe”, Garuda was highly anticipated by the community for her blood-soaked Abilities and razor-sharp talons. While all of her Abilities are themed around blood and blades, she is still yet to find a firm Read More

Warframe 101 – Gara

Gara, the glassframe, appeared among the roast in Update 22, alongside the Plains of Eidolon. She has her own short quest that’s tied into Cetus lore, but her component blueprints can take time to acquire (you need more than a modicum of luck on your side). Shattering the common belief that glass is fragile, Gara Read More