Lorecast 13: Saya’s Vigil & The Unum

SPOILERS, BEWARE! Welcome back for another Lorecast! In this episode, we look at the bittersweet love story that is “Saya’s Vigil” as well as the bonkers insane story behind the Orokin Tower in Cetus, and the one that resides within… The Unum… Definitely a cool one – check it out! Thanks for listening – please Read More

Episode 63 – How much should Devs listen to fans? (with guest: xValkyrie93)

Oh boy… it’s been a long time since the last Devstream, but we’ve got a good one for you here. We reached out to our community and kicked off something we haven’t done for a while – Community Guest Stars! So we have a few guests from our community lined up in the coming weeks. Read More

Mini 37 – Octavia

Octavia, the musician, the diva… Bardframe. Whatever you’d like to call her, she makes music. And with her sweet, sweet music, your enemies will fall. Quickly. Seriously, Octavia is pretty amazing, you should get her. But listen to this episode to find out why first. Octavia Abilities: Passive – Harmonic Symphony 1 – Mallet (Partitioned Mallet Read More