Cephalon Squared – A Warframe Podcast

Cephalon Squared started as a podcast, and this will always remain an important part of our content. We record multiple episodes weekly, providing a whole bunch of Warframe audio content for all but the most voracious of listeners. We also try to include our listeners in our “Community Guest Star” interviews whenever possible – if you’re interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this page! 

Below is a general timetable for our releases:

  • Core Episodes – WEEKLY, MONDAYS – these cover the latest news and updates, as well as Beginner and Advanced tips
  • Mini Episodes – WEEKLY, FRIDAYS – these mini episodes take a general look at modding, from a beginner/mid-game perspective
  • Lorecasts – EVERY 5 WEEKS, FRIDAY – we aim to release these in the week of ever 5 Core Episodes (15, 20, 25, etc.), and cover the wonderful lore of Warframe

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Episode notes

warframe podcast nova

Mini 33 – Nova

Nova, the neutron frame. She does weird shit with blackholes and antimatter. I don’t quite understand how or why, but… you know… video games. Nova is actually a pretty powerful frame that sadly has been shown up a little by more recent frames. That doesn’t mean she’s not still useful – in fact, she does Read More

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warframe podcast

Episode 57 – Devstream 130

It’s Episode 57, and time for another Devstream! Apparently, this is the last Devstream for a while, so I think we Cephalons need to track down some interviews! Still, there’s a lot of great content coming our way in the coming weeks. Check out this episode to hear more about what was shown off on Read More

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warframe podcast

Mini 32 – Nidus

What do you get when you take a Warframe, and cross it with the infestation? Nidus, of course! With a face only a mother could love, he must have something going for him, right? Hell yeah he does. A lot, actually. Have a listen to find out why Nidus is a very popular frame, with Read More

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warframe podcast

Episode 56 – Bring back old events!

It’s Episode 56, and there was no Devstream this week due to public holidays in Canada. As a result, the Cephalons have gone through some recent questions from listeners and pulled out a few choice topics to discuss throughout the episode. There’s a lot of good stuff covered here! Topics: News: new TennoGen stuff for Read More

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warframe podcast lore

Lorecast 11 – Mythcast: Fomorian

We tried something really different in this Lorecast… While we still cover the lore contained within the game, we also take a slight dive into some of the real-world mythology behind the naming conventions, hence the subtitle “Mythcast”. In this case, we look at the Formorian, and the Balor Formorian, which come from Irish pre-Christian Read More

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warframe podcast

Episode 55 – Dog Days

It was an interesting week in Warframe this week – we got some little updates during the week on all platforms, but more than that, DE dropped a completely new and very strange event on us this weekend! They’ve called the event “Dog Days” and it’s intended as a light-hearted PvE Arena event with water Read More

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warframe podcast nezha

Mini 31 – Nezha

Nezha, the child god, with Fire Wheels on his feet, and a Divine Spear, he must be pretty awesome, right? Well… Yeah, actually. While he is a bit slidey (blame the wheels), he’s got a really solidkit – you can’t go wrong with Nezha. Not only does he tank a hell of a lot of Read More

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warframe podcast nekros

Mini 30 – Nekros

Nekros, the edgelord, master of the dead, bringer-to-lifer of things no longer alive. Nekros’ Abilities center on both life and death, with a passive that grants him Health when enemies die near him, and Abilities that make him both a solid Support frame AND tank. You do want to use his Augments, as well as Read More

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