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Cephalon Squared started as a podcast, and this will always remain an important part of our content. We record multiple episodes weekly, providing a whole bunch of Warframe audio content for all but the most voracious of listeners. We also try to include our listeners in our “Community Guest Star” interviews whenever possible – if you’re interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this page! 

Below is a general timetable for our releases:

  • Core Episodes – WEEKLY, MONDAYS – these cover the latest news and updates, as well as Beginner and Advanced tips
  • Mini Episodes – WEEKLY, FRIDAYS – these mini episodes take a general look at modding, from a beginner/mid-game perspective
  • Lorecasts – EVERY 5 WEEKS, FRIDAY – we aim to release these in the week of ever 5 Core Episodes (15, 20, 25, etc.), and cover the wonderful lore of Warframe

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Episode notes

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Mini 24 – Khora

Khora. She loves cats. And there’s a damned good reason why you should love cats too. (Spoiler: it’s because Khora’s cat is amazing.) Listen to find out why. Khora Abilities: Passive – Beast Master 1 – Whipclaw 2 – Ensnare 3 – Venari 4 – Strangledome Augments: Accumulating Whipclaw Venari Bodyguard Pilfering Strangledome Thanks for Read More

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Episode 45 – Devstream 128

We knew Devstream 128 would be the last one before TennoCon, but what we didn’t know is that DE would drop a bombshell during it! Well… I guess they didn’t announce anything new (beyond forthcoming frames), and they didn’t really give away anything  we didn’t know was coming, but I don’t think anybody was expecting Read More

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warframe podcast ivara

Mini 23 – Ivara

IIvaramay be a real pain in the butt to farm, but there’s areason why – she’sjust so damned GOOD at being stealthy. For aframe with abilities like this,it would be totally unfairto the enemies to just give her away. Have a listen to find out why she’s worth all the pain of playing Spymissions over Read More

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Episode 44 – Modding Special!

Episode 44 and no Devstream? What are a couple of Cephalons to do? Well… another special, of course! In this episode, we decided to take a good look at mods in general – are there too many? Are they getting out of hand? And what can we do to help new players? All answered herein. Read More

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Mini 22 – Inaros

If, like me, you are a fan of Egyptian history and mythology, you’ll love Inaros. If not, but you are a big fan of…not dying in Warframe, then you’ll also love Inaros. My recommendation is to simply love Inaros. If it’s not clear, I love Inaros. Listen to find out why. Inaros Abilities: Passive – Read More

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warframe podcast hildryn

Mini 21 – Hildryn

Hildryn raised eyebrows when she wasfirst shown off to the world – not only because she is one of the more muscular feminine frames in the game, but moreso because her theme was centred around Shield. Many players felt Shield just wasn’t an effective source of survivability (as compared to Armor and Health, for example), Read More

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Episode 42 – Devstream 127

After a couple of weeks of (frankly) awesome interviews, we’re back with another all-Cephalon episode, this time discussing the latest Devstream. While Devtream 127 was packed full of detail, was it enough to offset some of the burnout that seems to be occurring within long-term players at the moment? I guess you’ll have to listen Read More

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