Introduction to Warframe

What is Warframe?

If you’ve found your way to this page, and you don’t know what Warframe is, then kudos to you, and welcome, my friend! Warframe is a free-to-play third-person action video game, in which players assume the role of a space ninja in the future (essentially), looking to restore balance to a system in turmoil. Your warframe is a biomechanical suit imbued with supernatural abilities, and there are many options to choose from – not just in warframes themselves, but in the weapons that can also be utilised to fight back against the powers that be… It’s a futuristic tale, and one with many twists and turns. And while the game has been live for more than 5 years at the time of writing, there’s a bright future ahead. Now’s as good a chance as any to start!

Click Here to Download Warframe (PC only)

Who makes Warframe?

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Warframe is developed and published by Digital Extremes out of Canada. They’ve been creating video games since 1993 and have a host of titles under their belt, most notably the co-creation of the Unreal series alongside Epic Games.

Prior to Warframe, the team developed the third-person shooter Dark Sector, which was originally intended to include more sci-fi elements, but changed over development due to suggestions by the publishers. Keen to create a game without the restrictions of a publisher, DE decided to self-publish Warframe using a free-to-play model, initially offering Founder’s Packs to secure the funding for launch. While Dark Sector is not canon, it is considered a precursor to Warframe in many ways.

What is Cephalon Squared?

Cephalon Squared began as a podcast in July 2018, ran by hosts Greg Newbegin and Lucas Silvestri. After noting the response to the initial releases, the team decided to branch out and create a community around the podcast, launching a Facebook Page, Discord server, Twitter account, Facebook Group, and later on YouTube and Instagram. As the community grew, they saw the opportunity to share their knowledge in a new way, with a webpage dedicated to providing Warframe news, tips, tricks, lore and more.

There are other plans in the pipeline as well, as Cephalon Squared looks to become THE place to go when wanting more information on the game or looking for like-minded individuals. Please note that Cephalon Squared is not affiliated with Digital Extremes, and is essentially a fansite – run by fans, for fans.

What information is available here?

There’s a lot of information on Cephalon Squared, and while we’re looking to iterate on the design to make options clearer, here’s a little primer to what you have available to you!

  • The Podcast: Here, you’ll be taken to a page that provides information on the podcast, as well as links to the 25 most recent show notes articles.
  • Blog: This link will take you to – surprise! – our blog. It lists all posts, regardless of topic, in order of release.
  • Secret Project: A secret project! This link doesn’t work, at present.
  • Cephalon Training Fragments: This will take you to a page full of tricks, tips, and guides. This page is further subdivided into three parts – Warframe 101, Weapon 101, and Guides, but anything that doesn’t fit into these subdivisions will be listed on the main Training Fragments page.
  • Social links: if you’d like to join any of our communities, the links are here!
  • Current Prime Access: This will provide info on the current Prime Access available on all platforms.
  • Support/Donate: If you like what we do, please consider supporting us via Ko-Fi. While it is a labour of love, it is a lot of hard work, and a little recognition goes a long way to bolstering our motivation.
  • Latest Warframe News: This section of the front page includes only news articles in order of publication. It’s the place to go for Warframe news!
  • Other: At the top of the page, we have Recommended Links, where you can check out a bunch of sites that we think are really useful for the modern Tenno. There’s also a link to our About Us page if you’d like to learn more about who we are, or our Contact Us page, if you’d like to reach out and provide some feedback or make a request.