Support Cephalon Squared

Cephalon Squared is more than just a weekly podcast, like it was when we started back in 2018. Now, there’s a hole lot more that we do, and every one of these pursuits requires different skill sets, knowledge, and resources. To maintain the work to the level that is expected of us, we do need to reach out for some support.

Still – most of what we do will be free, and while we don’t expect everyone to support us, any support is greatly appreciated, no matter how large or small. 

Support will be used to maintain the following, and to improve the quality over time:

  • Podcast: one primary, and one mini episode per week
  • Website: news, guides and tips – multiple posts weekly
  • Twitch: Regular Friday and Saturday night streams, plus additional streams on other days (time permitting)
  • YouTube: weekly news updates, plus Warframe 101 overviews, with a view towards 2 videos per week
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – multiple weekly posts, updates, and tips
If you’d like to support, there are two options – ongoing monthly membership, or ad-hoc (once-off) support. Details can be found below.

Membership - Become a Patron

Patreon is a way for people to support their favourite content creators by becoming a member of their Patreon community. This provides them with some personal benefits as part of the membership, but also supplies the creator with some dependable income that can be used to support their community. Click the link above to look at our Patreon page – this includes a video and overview of why we started this page, and what we plan for the future.

Ad-hoc - Buy us a Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is similar to Patreon in that there is the capability to provide support on an ongoing basis. However, we’ve chosen to utilise the ad-hoc functionality of Ko-Fi, allowing supporters to purchase “coffee” for us at $3 AUD a pop, providing supporters to offer us support that may be more within their means, and does not require an ongoing membership.

Again, any support is greatly appreciated, and if you don’t choose to support us, we hope you still make use of all of the services we provide – we will continue to work hard to ensure they are worth your time.