Warframe Mid-Game Guide

Hopefully you’ve read my Warframe Beginner’s Guide, which I wrote in 2017 when I was still a bit of a beginner myself, at around 20 or so hours into the game. When I wrote this article (the one you’re reading now), also in 2017, I had reached about 160 hours in game and had essentially Read More

Warframe 101: Mirage

Shipping in Update 14 alongside her very own personal quest, Hidden Messages, Mirage brought a little trickery to Warframe. Part magician, part trickster, Mirage’s Abilities tend to revolve around tricks of light and perspective, and this makes her very useful in certain situations. Note: Mirage isn’t available until late in the Star Chart – her Read More

Warframe 101: Nova

Nova is a nutty warframe – not because she herself is crazy, but simply because she is themed on Antimatter. Antimatter! How do you theme a warframe based on something that is not even fully understood by modern-day science!? With imagination, of course! As a result, Nova has some Abilities that are somewhat left-of-centre, focused Read More

Weapon 101: Sybaris / Dex Sybaris / Sybaris Prime

The Sybaris is a weapon of Tenno origin, and thus not only has the potential to be primed but has in fact already been primed. In addition, DE released a further upgrade version of this weapon as part of their Warframe Anniversary celebrations – thus, with the Dex Sybaris, there are 3 weapons in this Read More

Warframe 101: Valkyr

Released in Update 11.0, Valkyr is everyone’s favourite psycho kittyframe. Based on the profile of a berserker, Valkyr gets angry, and when she gets angry, she makes sure everybody knows she’s angry. A very tanky frame with some basic support and CC utility, Valkyr is best used to add some solid DPS to a group. Read More

Warframe 101: Oberon

Gracing players alongside Update 11.5, Oberon the King of the Fairies entered the fray. A paladin of sorts, Oberon mixes utility with incredible survivability – nobody id really going to complain that there’s an Oberon coming along for the ride. Some say his Abilities make him somewhat overpowered, I say shut up I’m having fun. Read More

Warframe 101: Trinity

Trinity, the healer, was one of the original 8 warframes available in the Closed Beta, and therefore one of the first warframes available when the game was officially released to open beta in 2013. Given the meaning behind the term “Trinity” it is hard to ascertain exactly what it was that the developers were going Read More