Episode 127 – Devstream #150

It’s been a busy week for one and all, not the least of which being the very last Devstream for 2020! DE finished off the year by showing off certain aspects of a new Operation that was released only days later, plus some big teases for major new content set to hit early in 2021.

And it’s all really good stuff. Get your good headphones for this one, Tenno.


  • News: Tennobaum is back, new Arcana Bounty workshop, Banshee/Mirage Prime Unvaulting, and Operation Orphix Venom is live on PC
  • Discussion: Devstream #150
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of longer discussion

Episode Notes:

Tennobaum is back!

There is a new workshop posted outlining planned changes to Isolations andArcana Bounty flow 

Banshee and Mirage Prime have been unvaulted! 

Corpus update overview 

New Ephemeas incoming 

The new Operation teased last week is now available on PC – Operation Orphix Venom is live, involves Necramechs, and scores you Lavos! Win, win, win! 

Lavos Overview! 

Devstream #150!

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Episode 124 – Home Devstream #9

As the days tick down inexorably towards the end of 2020, Warframe continues, unabated. This week saw the streaming of another Home Devstream for the year – another one filmed from home, marking more time spent developing such a hefty title as Warframe from the confines and restrictions of the home environment.

But as Home Devstream #9 has shown us, 2020 isn’t quite over yet – DE still has some plans up their sleeves. Of course, the major expansion that many were hoping for – namely the Corpus Railjack and Lich system expansions – have been pushed back into 2021, which is probably a blessing. That said, there’s still content to be excited for, and at least one final Devstream, before the year’s end.

So join us as we discuss what was shown off on what was actually a sound team focused stream – and there was plenty to enjoy here.


  • News: Warfrmae is out on PS5, along with a new PS-exclusive Pack
  • Discussion: Home Devstream #9
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of extended discussion

Episode Notes:

The PlayStation 5 version of Warframe is out! You do need to reinstall the game as the data is different, but you will be glad you did. 

Alongside the PS5 release, Playstation players have access to a new pack – the Divergence Pack! Some cosmetics, some platinum, and some boosters await you, so it’s likely worth grabbing if you can! 

Black Friday sales in the official Warframe store still has a couple of days – ends December 1st! 

Home Devstream #9

Wraith Outline

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Episode 122 – Infested Kitgun Arcanes with Dutchie

The Cephalons realised it had been a loooooong time since they last had a community guest on the show, so with the end of year coming, which means less news and fewer Devstreams, it’s time to get back on top of things!

This week, we bring Discord member La Dutch Master onto the show to discuss his experience with Warframe and participate with this week’s overview of the newly announced Infested Kitgun Arcanes. Are they going to be worth your while? You’ll have to listen to find out. 

Plus, we have all the usual tips and craziness, so nothing is left out – join in the fun!


  • News: Loid Sentinel Skin incoming, Public Test Cluster is live, 7-year PlayStation anniversary, Glassmaker to end at the New Year, Autumn Featured Dojo contest is live 
  • Discussion: Infested Kitgun Arcanes with Dutchie
  • Beginner Topic: Fast levelling
  • Advanced Topic: Mastery Grinding in the late game

Episode Notes:

A member of the art team (Syncrasis) showed off part of the animation for briefcase gun transformation – looks fun! 

The Loid Sentinel Skin will be coming with Deimos Arcana…  If you want more Loid in your life, that is.

The Public Test Cluster is live this weekend, with people testing out Deimos Arcana! I think it’s not far away on PC… 

The 7 year PlayStation Anniversary is here! Go get free stuff! 

The team shared their plans for the future in the forums – Glassmaker will continue until the end of the year, and the Infested Kitgun Arcanes have been outlined… 

The Autumn Featured Dojo Contest is live!

Don’t forget –  the Mo’frame contest is still running, but it ends this week! You have until Thursday the 19th! 

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Episode 121 – Home Devstream #8

If you’ve read the title, then you’ll already know that there was a Devstream this week. However, what you won’t know is that it was MASSIVE. 

Absolutely chock full of incredible news and updates on new content coming to Warframe. Of course, Deimos Arcana isn’t too far away, but there were some teases for content coming after as well… While it may not be coming soon, it’s all really good stuff, and we are pumped for the new year – as well as what’s still to come for 2020!


  • News: Moustaches are back, new merch collection and upcoming sales, TennoGen 19 pt 2 now on PC, new Glaive mod, and necramechs are working in missions
  • Discussion: Home Devstream #8
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of discussion

Episode Notes:

Moustaches are back for 1 credit each! 

There’s a new “For Fans By Fans” Collection available – go check it out if you like merch. And who doesn’t like merch? 

Part 2 of TennoGen Rd 19 is now out on PC 

Head on over to the Official Warframe store on Black Friday (aka, November 27) for 40%! There are some exclusions, so check out the link for more info.

Now that moustaches are back, there’s a competition being held until November 19 – moustache captura! Gotta be in it to win it!

Deimos Arcana details 

PlayStation (and DE) surprised us all with a new video for the upcoming PS5 release of Warframe! Huzzah! 

New glaive mod with Baro – Combo Killer. +5 s combo duration, plus kills with secondary weapons will reset the timer

And lastly – Scotta shared a video on Twitter showing that Mechs will soon work indoors (and… in missions)

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