Warframe 101 – Garuda

Garuda joined the roster in late 2018 as part of Update 24 – alongside the release of Fortuna. Billed as a “goreframe”, Garuda was highly anticipated by the community for her blood-soaked Abilities and razor-sharp talons. While all of her Abilities are themed around blood and blades, she is still yet to find a firm Read More

Warframe 101: Garuda

Warframe’s newest frame, Garuda, joined us alongside the long-awaited release of Fortuna. Dubbed the “goreframe”, Garuda has a penchant for blood and gore, but she manages to couple this with a sense of grace and mystery. With her long limbs and lithe physique, she presents a quiet mystique – until you notice the large metal Read More

Fortuna Preview – Virtual Walkthrough

Earlier this week, in the ungodly hours of the morning (for me, at least), I joined press representatives from across the globe to watch a Virtual Demo of Fortuna, presented by Rebecca Ford from Digital Extremes. Unfortunately for me, I got my times crossed, and I missed the first section of the demo, but let’s Read More

Episode 14 – Devstream 118

Wow. Devstream 118 was amazing – it had to be, given DE showed off Garuda, provided a little more detail on Moa companions. and finally gave us all the release window for the PC version of Fortuna. Still, we were absolutely blown away by what was shown off. Topics: Devstream 118 Garuda! Fortuna release window! Read More