Warframe’s next update, Heart of Deimos, coming August 25

Warframe’s next update, Heart of Deimos, shown off recently at this year’s annual TennoCon fan event, will take players to the game’s third open world. Where previous open worlds – 2017’s Plains of Eidolon and 2018’s Orb Vallis – pitted players against Grineer and Corpus enemy factions respectively, Heart of Deimos unleashes the players in Read More

Warframe’s next update “Heart of Deimos” to be unveiled at TennoCon

While we only have the trailer (see the end of this post) and very limited information to go on, Digital Extremes has announced that the main focus of this year’s TennoCon digital conference will be on the next update, titled Heart of Deimos. The press release specifically mentions that the update will be focused on Read More