Warframe 101 – Khora

Khora, the crazy cat lady, joined Warframe in early 2018 as a later part of Update 22 (“Beasts of the Sanctuary”, which included the Sanctuary Onslaught game mode). Initially touted to be the flag bearer for the Damage changes to IPS, this was later shelved, as the team realised that these changes would have a Read More

Mini 24 – Khora

Khora. She loves cats. And there’s a damned good reason why you should love cats too. (Spoiler: it’s because Khora’s cat is amazing.) Listen to find out why. Khora Abilities: Passive – Beast Master 1 – Whipclaw 2 – Ensnare 3 – Venari 4 – Strangledome Augments: Accumulating Whipclaw Venari Bodyguard Pilfering Strangledome Thanks for Read More