Lorecast 14: The Silver Grove & New Loka

SPOILERS! RUN AWAY SCARED IF YOU ARE YET TO FINISH THE MAIN STORYLINE! Still here? Good. In this month’s Lorecast, we have a good chat about the quest that gives us Titania – it provides some excellent background on the origin of Warframes, as well as a few other interesting tidbits besides. In addition, Cephalon Read More

Lore 10 – The Chimera Prologue (and more) & Baro Ki’Teer

SPOILERS! KEEP AWAY FROM SPOILERS! Welcome to our 10th Lorecast! DAMN. That went quick. This episode, we look to get up to speed with the main storyline, covering The Chimera Prologue, the Wolf of Saturn Six, and The Jovian Concord – and you may be as surprised as we were to find out all the Read More

Lore 9 – The Apostacy Prologue & The Sacrifice plus Ballas

KEEP AWAY FROM SPOILERS! Welcome to our 9th Lorecast! In this episode, we discuss the goings on in The Apostacy Prologue and The Sacrifice, both major parts of the primary storyline. In fact, there is so much awesome lore in The Sacrifice that we had to leave some topics out to cover at another time! Read More

Lore 8 – The Chains of Harrow & The Red Veil

DANGER, TENNO! BIGTIME SPOILERS EXIST WITHIN THIS EPISODE! Welcome to our 8th Lorecast! In this episode, we have a good chat about The Chains of Harrow, and discover a whole bunch of things we didn’t notice in our first playthrough – some of what is said in this quest is extremely intriguing… We also discuss Read More

Lore 7 – The War Within Part 2 & Teshin

DANGER! BIG BOMBAD SPOILERS, PALOS! Welcome to our 7th Lorecast! In this episode, we continue (and thus complete) the War Within.  However, based on some feedback from last week’s lorecast, we’ve gone about things a little differently this time around, so hopefully it will be more insightful. In addition to The War Within, we also Read More

Lorecast 1 – Stolen Dreams/The New Strange & What are Cephalons?

DANGER TENNO – THERE BE SPOILERS HERE. We finally published the first of our Lorecasts, which we expect to publish every 5 episodes (so the next one will be in the same week as Episode 20 of the regular podcast). In these SPOILER-FILLED episodes, we’ll look at the  lore from the perspective of quests, characters, Read More