Episode 144 – The Arsenal Divide Workshop Overview

Coming in only a couple of days later than DE had suggested, the weapons workshop hit, and brought with it some other workshop announcements – changes are also incoming for the Parazon and Helminth Abilities.

There was a lot to go over, but hopefully we can help clarify all of the changes that are coming. And they are coming soon – all of the changes are expected as part of the forthcoming Sisters of Parvos update!

Join  us – and let us know your thoughts!


  • News: Dog Days, Pride Palette, new Updates page, TennoCon updates
  • Discussion: The Arsenal, Parazon, and Helminth workshops

Episode Notes:

Dog Days is back! 

To celebrate Pride Month, DE has released a new Pride Color Palette – 1 credit in the Market for the month of June! 

Find update info easier! Head to warframe.com/updates

We are well upon the road to TennoCon! This week, DE released the schedule, so go check it out and make sure you have time for all your favourite panels! 

Dev workshop 

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Weapon 101 – Dual Kamas / Dual Kamas Prime

dual kamas tips

When one blade isn’t enough, the Dual Kamas and their Prime arm you with a pair of sickles to Slash through your foes. Dual Kamas are pretty easy to get your hands on, though the Prime Variant will require a bit more luck from other players.

How to Acquire

The Blueprint for Dual Kamas can be picked from the Market for 40,000 Credits right from the get go at MR1. Material-wise, you can go farming as early as Jupiter for the pair of Kamas you’ll need for components, pending what you can pick up from Bounties. There is the pre-built route for 175 Platinum, but since you will likely be using this as a component for the Dual Raza, I would recommend to save your Plat.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Kama
    Kama 2
  • Orokin Cell
    Orokin Cell 1

Dual Kamas Prime was vaulted in August 2017 with Trinity Prime, so unless you happen to have some old Relics, you’ll be relying on other players for drops or trade. You’ll need to hit MR6 to craft, so you can still use them relatively early if RNG favors you.

Stats by Variant

dual kamas stats
dual kamas prime stats

Compared to the base Kama, the Dual Kamas are not a massive upgrade. The most notable gain is a jump in the Dual Kamas slide attack Damage at 252, but your base Damage is low at 42. Your weapon type will also change from the Kama’s Machete type to Dual Swords, so you’ll be looking to use a different Stance Mod. You do get a small Status Chance boost as well, but at 7.5% it’s not a great foundation to work with. With a base Crit Chance at 5%, going for raw DPS is your likely path.

Dual Kamas Prime come in with a base Damage of 70, tying it with the Twin Krohkur for highest base Damage for Dual Swords. Compared to the non-Prime, it is pretty much upgrades across the board. In addition to the higher base Damage, you’ll have a higher base Status Chance at 20% and Crit Change at 15%. Thee is a higher Crit Multiplier at 2.0x vs. the base’s 1.5x as well.

Crit or Status?

When you get Dual Kamas Prime you can mostly build to taste. You won’t be able to get to 100% Status Chance or Crit Chance without a really nice Riven, so a balanced build or DPS may be the path. I do mention Dual Kamas Prime because I would not recommend investing a Catalyst and Forma(s) into base Dual Kama. You don’t lose anything going to the Prime and the base is also consumed when you build Dual Raza.

Dual Kamas and Dual Kamas Prime are worth pursuing early on. These aren’t likely to carry you through end game, so unless you choose to invest a lot of Forma, getting them early frees you up to move onto stronger gear later on, instead of having to come back just for MR.

Weapon 101 – Dual Raza

dual raza tips

Styled off the Soma rifle, the Tenno Dual Raza are a hatchet pair and upgrade to your Dual Kamas. Like their fabrication component, you’ll be pulling on your Dual Swords mods to Slash and Puncture your way to victory.

How to Acquire

The Dual Raza Blueprint can be picked up in your Tenno Lab once you reach MR6. There are not any surprises resource-wise, so you can knock this one out early game. You can pick it up pre-built for 175 Platinum if you don’t want to wait.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Dual Kamas
    Dual Kamas 1
  • Cryotic
    Cryotic 200
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 200
  • Orokin Cell
    Orokin Cell 1


dual raza stats

Compared to the Dual Kamas, the Dual Raza are an upgrade across the board, with the exception of Attack Speed, so don’t worry too much about them being consumed. They are at the top of the list for Crit Multiplier, with 3.0x and a high Crit Chance to compliment. A particularly useful stat for unveiling Combo Multiplier Rivens. With a base Damage of 4, it likely won’t carry you through end game. It does have a very high Riven Disposition though, so its potential is strong.

Crit or Status?

As you’ve likely guessed, this is a Crit Weapon. With a base 5% Status Chance, there is not much to work with on that side of the scale. Combo boosters and Attack Speed will play well to push out more Crit Damage.

The Dual Raza are a pretty straightforward weapon. Ramp up their DPS and hack ‘n slash your way through. You’ll likely swap them out down the road, but you may want to consider hanging on to them for when you start cracking Rivens.

Episode 68 – The Old Blood

warframe podcast

The last two weeks, we’ve talked about it, but now – FINALLY – we got our hands on it. 

The Old Blood has been released on PC.

And it’s good.

There’s a lot in this update – even just the Kuva Liches is a massive update in itself, but there’s so much more to talk about. And now that we’ve had the chance to play around with it all, we can share our opinions of it all. So much to talk about. So much to enjoy. Get in on it!


  • News: Update 26 is out on PC, PS4 Anniversary, Switch Anniversary
  • Discussion: The Old Blood
  • Beginner Topic: New Melee overview
  • Advanced Topic: How to do the Kuva Lich

Episode Notes:

The Old Blood (Update 26) is out on PC – go! Go get it!

There were 8 alerts that came alongside it – 1 for Grendel Glyph, 3 for Forma (melee only) and 4 for Requiem mods. While these are likely over by now on PC, console players should keep this in mind for when the update hits!

Provided you are Mastery 3+ and your account was created prior to Oct 18, logging into Warframe will net you a Legendary Core! This is now live on PC, and will come to consoles when The Old Blood updates hits those platforms. This is available until the end of the year!

It’s the 1st Anniversary of Warframe on Nintendo Switch! Log in from now until December 2 to score a free Opal Syandana, Opal Dex Dakra Skin and a Forma! Not only that, but there will be a special alert for an Opal Excalibur Noggle, and a Nintendo Color Picker in the Market for 1 credit!

While we’re celebrating anniversaries, it’s been SIX years for PS4! Again, log in from now until December 2 to score a free Obsidian Syandana, Obsidian Dex Dakra Skin and a Forma! Not only that, but there will be special alerts for 2 different Obsidian Excalibur Noggles, an Obsidian Ivara Noggle, and Obsidian Dex Furis Skin! And there’s still more! Head over to the Market for a PS4 Color Picker and Obsidian Excalibur Glyph for 1 credit each!

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Weapon 101 – Heliocor / Synoid Heliocor

Heliocor tips warframe

Forged by the Cephalons, Heliocor and Synoid Heliocor are a hammer pair that feed data to your Codex as you smash enemies. Heliocor, a signature weapon from Cephalon Simaris, is a high Impact Damage dealer second only to Arca Titron. Its sister, Cephalon Suda’s Synoid Heliocor, isn’t as strong but adds a Specter generating effect.

How to Acquire

Both Heliocor and Synoid Heliocor are obtained via spending Standing and locked behind MR9. Heliocor can be picked up from the Market pre-built for 160 Platinum if you like, but to farm you’ll have to spend 75,000 Simaris Standing for the Blueprint. You’ll also need to offer a Gammacor as a component, which does require a pair of Argon Crystals and Plastids. The rest of the materials you’ll have access to if you are able to build the Gammacor.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Gammacor
    Gammacor 1
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 700
  • Rubedo
    Rubedo 1,200
  • Morphics
    Morphics 1

Synoid Heliocor is purchasable pre-built when you reach Rank 5, Genius, with Cephalon Suda for 125,000 Standing. It is not available for purchase from the Market, but is Tradeable to and from other players per the other Syndicate Weapons.

Stats by Variant

heliocor stats
synoid heliocor stats

As you may suspect with hammers, both of these weapons dish out most of their base Damage as Impact. Heliocor is the second strongest Hammer in the game, with a Base Damage of 140, with Synoid Heliocor further down the ladder at 120.0. Heliocor also boasts a higher Crit Chance at 25%. Trading in the Damage and Crit Chance, Synoid Heliocor swings with a higher Attack Speed and Status Chance at 20%.

One of the key traits of both hammers is that they perform Codex Scans on fatal strikes. These will consume scanners, so keep an eye on your supplies until you have the Synthesis Scanners with the Sol Battery Widget. Keep in mind though, these count as Codex Scans, not Synthesis Scans. You will not earn Simaris Standing while using these weapons. Also, they cannot be used to “Scan” Simaris Targets, but they can be used on Feral Kavats to obtain Kavat Genetic Codes.

Like the other Syndicate Weapons, Synoid Heliocor has a bonus ability. In this case, it will create a Specter of an Enemy when slain with a Channeled Attack. The spawned Specter will have a Duration of 30 seconds and only 1 may be active at a time. Any other channeled killing blow will not spawn a new Specter until the existing one dispels. Unique enemies such as bosses and wild enemies such as Feral Kavats are also restricted from spawning Specters. When spawned, the Specter can be told to Follow or Hold Position, much like gear-wheel Specters. 

Crit or Status?

As alluded to with the Stats, you do not necessarily want to build these the same way. Simaris’ Heliocor is definitely more geared towards building for Crit. The Synoid Heliocor is ideally built for Status. Also consider some Finisher Mods to land the killing blow for Scans and some Channeling Mods for Synoid Heliocor for spawning Specters.

Both Heliocor and Synoid Heliocor are worth pursuing. They’re great for helping you complete your Codex, but even past that they are good weapons and among some of the strongest Melee weapons in the game. You may not have them until Mid or Late Game, but they can still hold their own.

Weapon 101 – Ferrox

ferrox warframe

The Ferrox is one of three spearguns in Warframe. Given its Corpus origin it has a blocky, cyber-tech design and utilizes Electric Damage for its alt-fire mechanic. As this is our first (alphabetically) introduction to the Speargun archetype, it is important to point out that Spearguns in Warframe have a unique secondary fire mode where the Tenno throws the weapon to cause a specific effect. This removes the weapon from their loadout until the alt-fire timer runs out, or the player picks up the weapon again — which forces the player to use only their secondary weapon and melee weapon for a short time.

The Ferrox’s primary fire mode shoots a single laser bolt, while throwing the weapon using alt-fire pulls enemies in and creates a field of Electricity Damage that will arc to enemies within 10 meters for a short time. The alternate fire mode can be employed when the Ferrox is low on ammo and the Tenno requires a distraction to allow them to reposition, while deployed in its alternate fire mode the Ferrox reloads its clip over time and consumes no ammunition.

How to Acquire

The Ferrox is obtained through the Dojo’s Energy (Corpus) lab for 15,000 Credits, but do note that it has an Mastery Rank requirement of MR14.

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 30,000
  • Salvage
    Salvage 35,000
  • Fieldron
    Fieldron 5
  • Forma
    Forma 1


ferrox stats

The Ferrox’s primary fire deals primarily Puncture Damage with a high Critical Chance and innate punch through, which is extremely useful in hallways and narrow corridors where enemies will be grouped together.

The alternate fire mode deals primarily Impact Damage in addition to the Electricity Damage dealt in its 10-meter area of effect. The alt-fire has a high Status Chance that can be modified up to 100% with Dual Status mods

Crit or Status?

The Ferrox is another case where building a hybrid combination of both Status and Critical Chance while also boosting Damage for both is the most advantageous route for the weapon’s build. Unfortunately, this will require quite a bit of investment into the weapon to pull off. Depending on individual play style, the Tenno can mod either way and have a very good build for the Ferrox, either relying on its high Critical Chance and punch-through to take down rows of enemies or boosting the Status of its alternate fire to lock down areas, while using a highly efficient secondary weapon like the Atomos to finish the job.

The Ferrox is a shining example of Corpus ingenuity and a very fun weapon to use in general. Its precise primary fire is excellent, innate punch-through is never a bad thing, it’s alt-fire is very fun and useful in more than a few game modes and more important than all that the Ferrox just looks damn cool.

Weapon 101 – Endura

endura tips warframe

If style is your game, then add Endura to your list. This Rapier is top of its class and though a Prime version does not yet exist, it is still a worthwhile pursuit.

How to Acquire

Unless you pick it up from the Market Pre-Built for 175 Platinum, you’ll have to reach MR7 and head over to your Clan’s Tenno Lab for the Blueprint. While the Research isn’t expensive, you’ll have to complete the Nami Skyla Research before unlocking it. Other than the Argon Crystals, building Endura is fairly easy. You’ll need some Plastids, so Saturn is your gating Planet.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 12,000
  • Plastids
    Plastids 1,200
  • Gallium
    Gallium 2
  • Argon Crystal
    Argon Crystal 2


endura stats

In its class, Endura is the strongest Rapier with a Puncturing 95 base Damage. It also holds the title of highest Status Chance of all Rapiers. Overall, it falls in the middle of the pack for Melee Weapons, so it’s pretty decent overall. Though most of its Damage is Puncture, Slash holds most of the remaining Damage, making it great for Grineer and Infested units. You may have some trouble against Corpus Shielding, though.

Crit or Status?

As you may have already guessed, Endura is a build for Status weapon. It has an average Riven Disposition, so depending what you roll you may be able to build for either. Otherwise, you may Mod to compliment its Anti-Armor and Health base Damage or try to boost its effectiveness against Shields.

If you like the Rapier class weapons then be sure to give Endura a try. It has a nice base to build from, so you may build to your style while you fight with style.

Episode 56 – Bring back old events!

warframe podcast

It’s Episode 56, and there was no Devstream this week due to public holidays in Canada. As a result, the Cephalons have gone through some recent questions from listeners and pulled out a few choice topics to discuss throughout the episode. There’s a lot of good stuff covered here!


  • News: new TennoGen stuff for artists, Pyrus Project on Switch, new Hotfix on PC and Nightwave Episode 3! Plus more!
  • Discussion: Wouldn’t it be nice to replay old events, even if only to experience the old lore?
  • Beginner Topic: Disruption game mode guide
  • Advanced Topic: Melee slams & blocking

Episode Notes:

Next Devstream Aug 16

New items available for TennoGen – whips and Chest Armor!

Pyrus Project up on Switch – rebuild the StrataRelay! Running until Aug 14.

New PC Hotfix brings changes to 22 augments and new loadout screens!

Nightwave Episode 3 has been released!

TennoVIP is coming to Tokyo during TGS! It will be held in Akihabara (where else?) at the Three Monkeys Cafe on September 14!

The Featured Dojo contest is live yet again – enter to win the chance to have your Dojo featured in game!

New TennoGen factions are available – Ostron, Solaris, and Sentient!

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

Weapon 101 – Kestrel

warframe tips kestrel

The Kestrel is a Tenno melee weapon of the Glaive family, but it’s not really a Glaive. It’s a boomerang. If you’ve ever seen the Mad Max movies, then you know how awesome metal boomerangs can be. The Kestrel, though, has the added bonus of bouncing off walls and knocking down enemies, so I personally find it a little more fun than most Glaives, although it is not as powerful as some…As with all thrown melees, using channeling after throwing the weapon will cause an explosion.

How to Acquire

The Kestrel Blueprint can be purchased from the Market for 20,000 credits, and thankfully, it has no Mastery requirement, so you can purchase it whenever you like. The resource requirements aren’t buried in the Star Chart either, so it comes recommended as an early game Melee.

  • Credits
    Credits 15,000
  • Morphics
    Morphics 8
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 4,800
  • Nano Spores
    Nano Spores 5,000
  • Salvage
    Salvage 4,000

Stats by Variant

kestrel stats

The Kestrel’s base stats are… not great, to be honest. That said, it’s thrown attack has much better Damage stats – including Blast and a guaranteed Impact proc, providing knockdown at a distance of up to 30m. An additional bonus is that it can be dual wielded with single handed weapons, which is my favourite way to use this weapon. Still, when thrown you are left without a melee weapon, which is not ideal.

Crit or Status?

Sadly, the Kestrel has fairly low stats on both fronts, with only 10% Crit and Status Chance (12% on Charged attacks, which still isn’t great). Personally, I’d build for flat Damage, but be aware that the Blast proc from the charged explosion does cause self Damage.

The Kestrel is fun to use, particularly with a single-handed Secondary, but it’s stats aren’t going to set the world on fire. It certainly isn’t going to scale anywhere near end game, but if you just want a fun thrown weapon for low to mid tier challenges, you won’t go wrong with the Kestrel.

Weapon 101 – Mire

mire tips warframe

Born from the Great Plague, Mire is an infested sword laced with poison. While it can be attained relatively early with help, it isn’t among the strongest swords available, so don’t expect it to carry you through Late Game without some polishing.

How to Acquire

The Mire Blueprint is picked up from the Market for 15,000 Credits or Pre-built for 150 Platinum. With an MR0 requirement, you will be able to pick it up at will. You’ll need Nano Spores to manufacture, so Saturn is your gating planet for resources.

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Neural Sensors
    Neural Sensors 2
  • Ferrite
    Ferrite 1,000
  • Nano Spores
    Nano Spores 1,500
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 2,000


mire stats

Coming in with a Base 35 Damage, mainly as Slash, Mire is toward the lower end of the Damage table for most melee weapons. It does have a few tricks hidden within it though. Harnessing its infested origins, Mire has an innate 10% Toxin bonus which will stack with your mods. Also, on Slam Attacks your Damage is converted to Toxin, poisoning those unfortunate enough to be under you.

If you’re aligned with Red Veil or find someone to trade with, they offer the Augment Mod Toxic Blight. If added Mire will gain the Blight Effect, which on trigger dishes out 1,000 Viral Damage with a guaranteed Proc. You’ll also recover 25% of your Base Energy and gain a Movement Speed boost for 30 seconds. When maxed out Toxic Blight will also add 100% Toxin Damage.

Crit or Status?

Mire does not start off with high Crit or Status Chance at 5% and 10% respectively. In this case you’ll likely want to mod for Damage and Attack Speed. Don’t forget to leverage the innate Toxin Damage for some extra Elemental Damage.

Given its lower base stats, it will take quite a bit of polish to make Mire hold its own later on. Not many players use it, so it does have a very high Riven Disposition. Coupled with the Toxic Blight Augment there is potential to bring out with work.