Weapon 101 – Kronen / Kronen Prime

The Kronen: a Tonfa pair that will slice through your enemies. Added in August of 2014 with Operation Cryotic Front, Kronen is a fan-designed weapon that was later followed by Kronen Prime in March 2018, alongside Zephyr Prime. How to Acquire Kronen’s Blueprint can be purchased for 65,000 credits from the Market after reaching MR3. It is a Read More

Weapon 101 – Lacera

Coursing with Electricity, the Blade and Whip Lacera will unleash a whirlwind of energy upon the battlefield. Added in December of 2015 with The Second Dream ( Update 18), Lacera has served us Tenno for a few years. You’re able to obtain it fairly early on as long as you have joined or are building Read More

Weapon 101 – Heat Sword / Dual Heat Swords / Heat Dagger

The Heat Sword, Heat Dagger, and Dual Heat Swords are early game blades imbued with Heat Damage, making them effective against Flesh. These three Melee Weapons are fairly similar, so you have the option to tune to your playstyle or try out some new ones. How to Acquire The different members of the trio here Read More

Weapon 101 – Cronus

The Cronus is a ceramic Sword of Tenno origin, that is strangely one of the weapons employed by Captain Vor. It’s not an amazing weapon, but for brand new players, it’s a good alternative to the Skana and Heat Sword, but it is quickly eclipsed by other weapons as you traverse about the Star Chart. Read More

Weapon 101 – Lesion

Forged from Tenno and Infested tech, Lesion is a nightmarish polearm that delivers on the promise its form implies. It stands out as one of the strongest polearms in the game and also one of the most popular. Highly effective against your foes’ Health pool, Lesion will Slash through with ease and buff itself as Read More

Weapon 101 – Dex Dakra / Dakra Prime

The Dakra Prime is (was?) one of very few Prime weapons that doesn’t have a standard variant; however, ther are references to it within the code as being the Cronus Prime, which is interesting. Still, there is now a more standard variant since the Dex Dakra was released as part of Warframe’s annual Anniversary celebration. Read More