Warframe Mid-Game Guide

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Hopefully you’ve read my Warframe Beginner’s Guide, which I wrote in 2017 when I was still a bit of a beginner myself, at around 20 or so hours into the game. When I wrote this article (the one you’re reading now), also in 2017, I had reached about 160 hours in game and had essentially reached the “end game” as a result. Buuuut I spent months sitting on the article, primarily for reasons of procrastination. Anyway… let’s pretend I just wrote this today (both articles have been updated, by the way).

So! When I wrote this I was an end-game noob, but I figured it gave me a good opportunity to summarise the mid-to-late game, as Warframe has a second hurdle to navigate once you understand the basics – if you don’t know how to use your time (and mods!) effectively, you’ll start to feel like you’re treading water…

I won’t really go over the essentials again, but I will need to touch on them from time to time. If you are completely new to the game, I recommend you read my previous article linked above. Otherwise, read on (be warned: this is another long one)!

Links to individual pages follow – accessible via the <Index> button at the bottom of each page:

After the initial 20 or so hours, new players should have a grasp of the core concepts – grind through planetary mission nodes, complete junction prerequisites to unlock access to new planets, and start new quest lines once their prerequisites are achieved (often these require specific junctions to be unlocked). However, you may or may not have a second warframe, and you may or may not have new weapons beyond what is awarded in early missions. As the enemy level starts to increase (and in my experience, once it hits around level 20), you’ll start to find that your weapons aren’t as effective as they were previously, and mission types you were smashing through are now either a struggle or seemingly impossible to complete. In this article, I want to help you understand the more complex systems within the game, as well as to provide a basic framework for what players should essentially be chasing at this stage.

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