TennoCon 2019 will feature a Museum of props and statues

Heading off to TennoCon this weekend? Well, not only are you about to be treated to a day filled with Warframe-related awesomeness and announcements, but this year Digital Extremes has outdone themselves by adding a mueum of Warframe odds and ends – including this life-sized Moa! In partnership with Volpin Studios – who have also Read More

Fortuna Preview – Virtual Walkthrough

Earlier this week, in the ungodly hours of the morning (for me, at least), I joined press representatives from across the globe to watch a Virtual Demo of Fortuna, presented by Rebecca Ford from Digital Extremes. Unfortunately for me, I got my times crossed, and I missed the first section of the demo, but let’s Read More

Episode 14 – Devstream 118

Wow. Devstream 118 was amazing – it had to be, given DE showed off Garuda, provided a little more detail on Moa companions. and finally gave us all the release window for the PC version of Fortuna. Still, we were absolutely blown away by what was shown off. Topics: Devstream 118 Garuda! Fortuna release window! Read More