Weapon 101 – Burston / Burston Prime

The Burston is a burst-fire rifle of Tenno design. It fires three-round bursts in rapid succession to wear down a target and provide better precision than a full-auto rifle. The Burston will perform better at longer ranges due to its lower recoil, resulting in less time spent centering the reticle and more time relieving bad Read More

Weapon 101 – Anstrum / Prisma Angstrum

The Angstrum and Prisma Angstrum – a pair of handheld rocket launchers. Coming in with the highest base Damage for all Secondaries, these variants deliver a massive punch, especially to Grineer Machinery, Corpus Robotics, and Fossilized Infested. Just be sure to keep yourself and allies out of the blast, that is, unless you have a Read More

Mini 15 – Frost

The Iceman cometh. Frost is an awesome, well rounded ‘frame, with both CC and Damage-dealing capabilities. He comes highly recommended for both early and late game play for reasons that will become apparent if you give this episode a listen! Frost Abilities: Freeze Ice Wave Snow Globe Avalanche Passive – Cryogenic Augments: Freeze Force Ice Read More

Warframe 101 – Equinox

I’ve been dreading writing this one – not because I don’t like Equinox, or even because I think I can’t do her justice, but more because she’s probably the most complicated warframe of them all… Anyway, with that said, here we go… Equinox was created around the concept of duality, and specifically in the contrast Read More