Episode 128 – Operation Orphix Venom

Whaaaaat? It’s the last episode of the year already? In some ways… thank the gods, but in other ways… the last few weeks just flew by… but here we are!

This week, the Cephalons take a more laid-back approach, with a relaxed episode focused simply on the current new Operation recently released for PC: Orphix Venom.

Put your feet up and join us for the festivities.


  • News: Holiday decorations available, Tennobaum is over, Double Affinity until Jan 4, Tenno Clock appearance
  • Discussion: Operation Orphix Venom

Episode Notes:

Holiday decorations are available in the market, if that’s your thing! Go get ‘em Tenno

All Tennobaum tiers have been hit so log in to get your rewards. On top of that, DE has donated $45k to Kids Help Phone 🙂 

There are 6 Solstice Alerts on all platforms until Jan 4th, mostly for skins and syanadanas, but there are forma and catalyst blueprints to grab as well 

Although Tennobaum is over, those that gift the Lavos Collection to another player, will score themselves a transmutation probe decoration 

Double Affinity on all platforms until Jan 4th – go Mastery hunting! 

We were guests on Xenogelion and MDRLoz’ Tenno Clock – go check it out and give the guys some love

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Episode 127 – Devstream #150

It’s been a busy week for one and all, not the least of which being the very last Devstream for 2020! DE finished off the year by showing off certain aspects of a new Operation that was released only days later, plus some big teases for major new content set to hit early in 2021.

And it’s all really good stuff. Get your good headphones for this one, Tenno.


  • News: Tennobaum is back, new Arcana Bounty workshop, Banshee/Mirage Prime Unvaulting, and Operation Orphix Venom is live on PC
  • Discussion: Devstream #150
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of longer discussion

Episode Notes:

Tennobaum is back!

There is a new workshop posted outlining planned changes to Isolations andArcana Bounty flow 

Banshee and Mirage Prime have been unvaulted! 

Corpus update overview 

New Ephemeas incoming 

The new Operation teased last week is now available on PC – Operation Orphix Venom is live, involves Necramechs, and scores you Lavos! Win, win, win! 

Lavos Overview! 

Devstream #150!

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Episode 123 – Deimos Arcana is out!

Deimos Arcana hit PC this week, and while we knew it was pretty big, it turns out it was REALLY big. Packed full of really good stuff, including a few surprises! So join the Cephalons as they discuss the ins and outs of this new update, and why you should be happy it’s here!


  • News: Winter Collection in Warframe Store, Deimos Arcana out on PC, new Prime Gaming reward, Switch Anniversary
  • Discussion: Deimos Arcana
  • Beginner Topic: Kitguns
  • Advanced Topic: Acolytes

Episode Notes:

PlayStation players may have noticed a MASSIVE update earlier this week. Well, that’s because there was a texture update that resulted in about 2GB shaved off the overall save size. So… annoying, but a good thing.

There’s a new Winter collection in the Official Warframe Store… if it’s winter where you are. There’s a pair of dacks, a beanie, and a mug.

Deimos Arcana released this week on PC!

There’s a new Prime Gaming giveaway – Vayas Prime operator accessories! So if you are a Prime Gaming subscriber, head on over and grab your loot!

Aaaand just as we expected, it’s now time for the Nintendo Switch Anniversary! Celebrating a youthful 2 years, Switch Tenno can go grab free stuff in game, right now! 

The Gara Deluxe Collection is out on PC (alongside Deimos Arcana)! 

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Episode 111 – Home Devstream #5 & Heart of Deimos

From quiet weeks to DOUBLE DISCUSSIONS! Yes, this week, not only are we covering the new Heart of Deimos release, but there was also a Home Devstream! While it was a shorted Devstream, there was still plenty of good info to cover, so we talked about both… And we certainly do have a lot to say – Heart of Deimos is a great update.


  • News: Heart of Deimos is out, TennoGen Prex cards from watching Twitch
  • Discussion 1: Home Devstream #5
  • Discussion 2: Heart of Deimos impressions
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of double discussion

Episode Notes:

Heart of Deimos is out on all platforms! 

Switch was a little delayed…

Now that Heart of Deimos is out and all the creators are streaming, there are a bunch of TennoGen Prex cards to collect! Watch any streamer in the Warframe channel for 20 consecutive minutes for your random drop! 

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